Shantou Tianchi House 112 million double broken top

Shantou Tianchi House 112 million double broken top

Although the property market has been cooled by the Sino-US trade disputes, the new round of broken transactions has continued to appear. In the past two days (June 1 and 2), a number of new highs were recorded. Shatin Jiufu Regal developed by Bailibao (00617) and Regal Hotel (00078). In the past weekend, the peaks have been linked to 4 groups, with a total of nearly 330 million yuan. The Tianchi House, which is located on the 11th floor of a 1st floor, was sold for 112 million yuan. The transaction price was 42121 yuan, which is the cost of the house and the price of the house. Transaction.

Regal. Yesterday (2nd), there were 3 groups, including 1st floor SKY POOL PENTHOUSE, with a saleable area of ​​2,659 square meters. The unit has a 1102 square platform and 2284 square roof. It has a private pool and the parking space is sold for 112 million yuan. Out of the high price of 42121 yuan, the price and the price of the price have broken the record of three Tianchi House sold in mid-April, creating the new high of the project; another 7th floor COURTYARD PENTHOUSE, the practical area of ​​2430 square, even 692 Fanghao platform and 2078 Fangyu Tiantai were sold for 99.8 million yuan, with a price of 41070 yuan.

Blue Pool proudly made 30018 Tseung Kwan O standard household new high

In addition, the 3 underground B rooms with a saleable area of ​​2,255 square feet, even 1751 square gardens, sold for 72.16 million yuan, with a price of 32,000 yuan. The three groups mentioned above, together with the 8th floor, B-room standard households sold on Saturday (1st) for 45.5 million yuan, 4 groups totaled nearly 330 million yuan.

Fan Li, executive director and chief operating officer of Paliburg, said that the project has been linked to four units in just two days, and the project has reached a new high, which is encouraging. The project sold 7 people and cashed in about 600 million yuan. Located at 23 Liping Road, Regal. The mountain peak is already in the existing building, providing a total of 160 groups, including 24 bungalows, with a usable area of ​​1575 to 4960 square meters.

In addition, Tseung Kwan O Lan Tong Ao, developed by Lixin (00488) and the Imperial Group, sold a 17-story A room on Saturday for 35.751 million yuan. The practical area is 1191 square meters, the price is 30018 yuan, and the price is 1 yuan. The pressure is close to Room B, creating a new high for the standard households in Tseung Kwan O.