10 big housing estates May 382 rental 10 months most prosperous

10 big housing estates May 382 rental 10 months most prosperous

The effect of the summer rental season began to emerge. The top 10 housing estates recorded 382 rental transactions last month. It was the most prosperous month after July last year, and the rent remained high.

Haiyi 56, very low-rise rent 37

According to statistics from the frontline branches of Centaline Property, a total of 382 rental transactions were recorded in 10 major housing estates in May, up 19% from 320 in April. It is the most active month in the past 10 months. Among them, Ap Lei Chau and the first city in Sha Tin were the most active, with 56 and 55 transactions respectively. Liu Wensheng, senior business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate Southwest District, pointed out that the rental season in Haiyi Peninsula has risen sharply in the summer season. The overall rent is still at a high level, but only the lower landscape units were sold last month, thus lowering the rent. Level. For example, 28 very low-rise B rooms, with a usable area of ​​516 square feet, are rented out for 19,000 yuan, and rent for 37 yuan.

For other housing estates, rents in various estates continued to rise in May, ranging from 1.7% to 3.7%. The first city in Sha Tin was relatively ideal. In May, a total of 55 rentals were recorded. The average rent was 43.2 yuan, up 2.6% from 42.1 yuan in April. The rent has surpassed Taikoo City to become the top ten housing estate in the 10 estates.

One city rents 43.2 yuan. Beyond Taikoo Shing

The agent in the district pointed out that the mainland rent-to-garment boom began to appear in mid-May this year. The first city in Sha Tin recorded a number of related tenancy transactions, such as 43 low-rise C rooms with a saleable area of ​​304 square feet, which was produced by three Mainland residents. The rent of 14,000 yuan is priced at 46 yuan. The agent pointed out that as the Mainland’s rent-taking capacity has improved, it is expected that housing rents will continue to rise.

As for other rental markets, Cheng Pei-lin, the senior branch manager of Centaline Property, revealed that the rents of mini-units in the city continued to rise, with Leofang in Tai Kok Tsui. For example, Xiaoan recorded a total of 9 rental transactions last month. Most of the units rose more than 10% over the old ones. For example, a low-rise F room with a usable area of ​​198 square feet is an open space. It was rented for 13,000 yuan. Out, rent for 66 yuan. The unit was rented out at a monthly rent of 10,000 yuan in April last year, and the new rent rose by 30%. The owner purchased the unit in 3.6 million yuan in 2015 with a rental return of 4.3%. Secondly, the B-room of the high-rise near the mountain in the west ring, the practical area of ​​346 square feet, belonging to the 1 room interval, just rented out for 28,200 yuan, renting 82 yuan, creating a new record for the building