The new disk sold 138 people in two days, and the number increased by 1.8 times

The new disk sold 138 people in two days, and the number increased by 1.8 times.

The Real Estate Developers Association (hereinafter referred to as the Land Development Association) set a new price list and new guidelines for tender sales in May. It was officially effective on the past Saturday (June 1), and multiple new orders were resumed on the same day. The form is on sale. The LP6, the sunrise of the Tseung Kwan O, which was led by Nanfeng, was sold on Saturday for 100 gangs. Under the support of LP6, the overall new market sold about 138 people in the past two days, about 50 gangs from the previous week (May 25 and 26), and 1.8 times as much as Zhou Dasheng, while the sales of LP6 accounted for the past two. The total turnover of Tianxinpan is about 60%.

LP6 resale 83 households into the main force

After the introduction of new guidelines for new sales, the major developers will adjust the sales model of their units. As a result, a total of nearly 25 projects will be launched or tendered for a total of 25 projects in the past two days, of which LP6 is pushed by way of price list. Selling up to 100 people. Since the project was closed for more than one month, when the project was launched on Saturday, a large number of agents and prospective buyers were attracted. The buyer was registered at 11:00 on Saturday and the registration process was completed at 2 pm. The developer was more prepared. Table tennis for prospective buyers on the spot. Nanfeng announced on Saturday night that LP6 sold 83 people on the same day and cashed in about 810 million yuan. The project has sold 2,319 people so far, accounting for 97% of the total number of 2,392 people.

LP6 closed for more than one month, the market accumulated a large amount of purchasing power, and the sales on Saturday were not good sales; other new discs were sold in the past two days, but the overall turnover was not too much, and the performance was better. 00173) Jiaxi, Baishijiao, Tai Po, sold 14 people in two days; Xindi (00016) Yuen Long PARK YOHO Napoli added 5 transactions yesterday, and sold 10 groups in two days.

44 units

In the past two days, some of the new discs have no shortage of bulk purchases. Country Garden (02007) led the development of Ma On Shan Yu Bi. It was only 4 groups yesterday. The transaction price ranged from 15.56 million to 16.21 million yuan. The market was purchased by a group of buyers. The capital involved was 65.354 million yuan; other new discs sold between 1 and 6 people in the past two days.

In total, a total of 17 new orders were recorded in the past weekend, and about 138 people were sold, about 50 gangs compared with the last weekend of May, which was about 1.8 times higher than Zhou Da. However, the volume of new trading in the past two days only accounted for nearly 500 units. The group is about 28%, reflecting that the market conditions are affected by the Sino-US trade war, and buyers are still waiting to see.