Will streamline the approval process for private buildings

Will streamline the approval process for private buildings

The private development projects in Hong Kong are regulated by the development control parameters developed by the Planning Department, the Lands Department and the Buildings Department. However, as time evolves, various departments have different requirements on the same development parameters. The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, pointed out that after the study, the “Lean Development Control Steering Group” (hereinafter referred to as the “Group”) had launched the first batch of streamlined approval arrangements in mid-May, including maximizing the height restriction of buildings and the area of ​​green roofs. The three development control parameters of the landscape will be discussed in the future on the definition of total floor area and non-construction land.

Mr Wong Wai-lun’s latest blog post pointed out that the group is chaired by the Permanent Secretary for Development (Planning and Lands). Members include representatives from the Buildings Department, the Lands Department and the Planning Department to formulate proposals for streamlining or improving the existing development control system, including Try to unify and rationalize the standards and definitions used by different departments in approving development projects, and establish a joint committee under the Land and Construction Advisory Committee, composed of 10 relevant professional societies and organizations to consider the recommendations of the government.

3 parameters such as uniform height limit

Huang Weilun said that the Bureau had held a seminar on the implementation of the first batch of measures to let the industry know more about the technical details. The industry responded enthusiastically. The Planning Department’s Chief Urban Planner, Mr. Yan Jiayan pointed out at the seminar that the measures were mainly to avoid the implementation of the same development control requirements by the three departments mentioned above, and hoped to improve the transparency and clarity of the approval process and clarify the standards and definitions adopted by various departments. To standardize and straighten out relevant procedures.

The Buildings Department’s Chief Building Surveyor, Mr Lam Yik-kiu, said that the Group would explore the simplification arrangements in various areas in the future, including the application of the Lands Department’s design and planning provisions, the definition of the superficial and non-construction sites, and the harmonization of buildings in the Sustainable Building Design Guidelines. The relevant standards for the two parts of the shift and the building spacing, as well as the definition of the total floor area of ​​the above three departments.

Mr Wong was pleased that the first batch of measures was implemented. He stressed that the Government is not only a regulator but also a service provider. It will strive to streamline the approval process of development projects to meet the needs of the industry without affecting the relevant statutory procedures and technical requirements. Maintain Hong Kong’s competitiveness.