Lantian Chunan Court, the price of 8 million broken top

Lantian Chunan Court, the price of 8 million broken top

The application for the new HOS flats will not affect the second-market property and will be sold at a new high price. The Lam Tin Home Ownership Scheme will be sold at $8 million.

Price 12308 yuan Tongchuang Housing Court new high

Zhongyuan Real Estate Divisional Sales Manager Liao Zhongjian said that the 6th floor of Block E of Chun’an Court has a practical area of ​​650 square feet. It belongs to the 3 bedroom and suites. It looks like a sea view. The original price was 8.5 million yuan, and finally it was 8 million yuan (not replenished). Out of the price of 12,308 yuan, the price of the price and the property price of the same high.

In 2008, the original owner purchased the unit for nearly 2.3 million yuan, holding the goods for 11 years, and the profit of the book was about 5.7 million yuan, an appreciation of 2.5 times.

The record price of the upper housing estate was $7.55 million. It was recorded in April this year. The property price of the Chun On Court was increased by $450,000, or about 6%, within one month.

Ya Tao Court 591 No premium of 7.2 million

Secondly, the Yazhu Pavilion of Wong Chuk Hang continued to record the transaction of large units. It refers to the 3 middle-floor K rooms of the project. The practical area is 591 square feet. The unit is sold at 7.2 million yuan (not replenished land price), and the price is 12,183 yuan. The original owner purchased the unit for 2.237 million yuan in 2010, holding the goods for 9 years, and the book profit was 4.963 million yuan, an appreciation of 2.2 times.

The mountain view and the floor view of the above-mentioned units are not the first-line sea view units, and the property price is over 7 million yuan. According to the information, the Yau Tao Court recorded 15 cases of green forms transactions this year, approaching 16 cases last year, reflecting the boom in housing transactions this year.

As for the free market, Huang Wenle, manager of Xiangyi Real Estate Branch, pointed out that the 5th floor of Block C of Xinweiyuan, Tuen Mun has a usable area of ​​401 square feet. The unit has a price of 4.8 million yuan. It will be put on for 4 days and will eventually be sold at 4.28 million yuan. 10,673 yuan, compared with the original owner’s purchase price of 3.1 million yuan in 2015, 38% higher.