One-handed sales are good, two days over 120 transactions

One-handed sales are good, two days over 120 transactions

The new disk surplus project was sold well, driving more than 120 transactions in the past two days, including Sha Tin Regal. Shanfeng featured households traded at 112 million yuan, setting a new high for the project; Ma Anshan also recorded more than 63 million yuan for investors to sweep 4 groups.

In the past two days, there were a number of remnants of the market in the past two days, which pushed up the overall market sentiment, the comprehensive market and the transaction register information. In the past two days, the first-hand market recorded a total of more than 120 transactions, compared with 53 cases in the previous weekend. The increase was about 1.2 times, and the trading atmosphere was still active.

Regal. Mountain peak features 1.12 billion baht

First-hand featured households are sought after by buyers, Bailibao (00617) and Regal (00078) under the Shatian Regal. The mountain peak has been smashed for 4 groups in the past week, and 3 groups have been sold during the weekend holiday. A new top-level special household on the 11th floor has a transaction price of 112 million yuan, a saleable area of ​​2,659 square feet, and a price of 42,121 yuan, regardless of the transaction price and price. The project has a new high.

In addition, 7 featured households were also sold for 99.8 million yuan, with an area of ​​2,430 square feet and a price of 41,070 yuan. Fan Tong, executive director and chief operating officer of Paliburg Group, said that the project has recorded 7 transactions so far, and the cash is about 600 million yuan.

Investors 63.55 million brooms and 4 groups

In addition to high-priced transactions, investors are also optimistic about the market outlook. Country Garden (02007), Ma On Shan, has recorded an investor’s entry into the market. According to the project transaction record, four groups of two D-rooms were sold yesterday. The big hand swept in, all of which were 876 square feet and 3 households. The total transaction price was 635.54 million yuan. The price of each group ranged from 15.56 million to 16.61 million yuan. Two of the 16th floor D rooms were sold for 16.21 million yuan. The price was about 18,506. yuan.

Based on the past two days of transactions, the LP6, which was led by Nanfeng, was the most popular. The project launched 100 groups on Saturday, successfully sold 83 people and cashed in about 810 million yuan.

The project has now sold 2,319 people, accounting for 97% of the 2,392 people in the entire building.

As for K. Wah International (00173), Tai Po, Baishijiao, Jiaxi, sold 13 people on two days, Jiujian (00034), Yau Tong Bay, sold 6 groups, Xindi (00016) Yuen Long PARK YOHO Napoli also sold 5 Partner.