The king of the world is 60 million yuan, and the price is nearly 57,000

The king of the world is 60 million yuan, and the price is nearly 57,000.

The luxury homes continued to record large transactions, and the middle-ranking households in the Kowloon Station were all over 60 million yuan, and the price was approaching 57,000 yuan.

According to the market news, there are 2 middle-floor A rooms in the world, which are high-quality units of Wangwei Port Seaview. The transaction price is 60 million yuan, the unit has a practical area of ​​1,053 square feet, and the transaction price is 56,980 yuan.

The original owner purchased it for 26 million yuan in 2009, and now has a profit of 34 million yuan and a 1.3-fold appreciation. According to the agent, in August last year, three high-level standard units recorded a price of 66,000 yuan, and the unit that was sold this time was at the middle level, which was a reasonable price.

Optimus Peninsula 32.57 million equity transfer

The E-room of the 3rd floor of the Optimus Peninsula in the same district was transferred by the company’s equity transfer method, with a unit area of ​​971 square feet, a price of 32.57 million yuan and a price of 33,543 yuan. In 2014, the original owner purchased through the sale and purchase company for RMB 208.8 million, and earned RMB 11.69 million for five years.

In addition, the G-unit of the famous high-rise building in Tsim Sha Tsui reported that it was resold for 48 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​1,041 square feet and a transaction price of 46,110 yuan. The property was bought in 2009 for 31.97 million yuan, holding goods for 10 years, and the resale book profit was 16.03 million yuan, an appreciation of 50%.

Hong Kong Garden Middle Floor has appreciated 166 times in 47 years

On the other hand, the market revealed that the C-room of the middle floor of the Hong Kong Garden in the Western Mid-Levels has a usable area of ​​about 1,991 square feet. It has just changed hands with about $50.38 million and the price is $25,304.

The original owner purchased it for about 302,000 yuan in 1972. The book held 47 years of profit for more than 50 million yuan, and the value of the period was 166 times.