Two hand saws 10 big estates only 3 deals on weekends

Two hand saws 10 big estates only 3 deals on weekends

The warming of the Sino-US trade war has turned the wait-and-see atmosphere in the property market. The buyers and sellers have differences in property prices, dragging down the 10 major housing estates in the past weekend, only recorded 3 transactions, creating a new low this year. Individual owners reduced their prices, and the 3 million households in Jiahu Resort in Tianshuiwei were 6.1 million yuan, and the low bank valuation was 10%.

According to the statistics of the Central Plains Real Estate, the 10 major housing estates recorded 3 transactions in the past week, compared with 7 in the previous week and 4 in the week. The transaction figures are at this year’s new low. No transactions have been recorded in the seven estates, including the leading estate estate Quarry Bay. Taikoo Shing has only one transaction in each of the Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai, the First City in Sha Tin and the Whampoa Garden in Hung Hom.

As for the property of Li Jia Ge, the 10 major housing estates recorded 3 transactions, which were 5 fewer weeks. The Midland Realty pointed out that there were 3 records, three by week. There are 1 transactions in Hong Kong property listings, which are 5 per week (there are separate statistics for each agency).

Jiahu price is rarely broken below 10,000

The Sino-US trade war has warmed up, and individual owners have reduced their prices, and more units have sold below the bank’s valuation. Among them, there is a high-rise room B of 5 high-rise buildings in Lihuju, Jiahu Mountain Villa, Tianshuiwei, with a usable area of ​​630 square feet. It is reported that the unit has sold out at 6.1 million yuan, with a price of 9,683 yuan, rarely falling below 10,000 yuan.

A review of the valuations of the two major banks was 7.2 million and 6.89 million, respectively, that is, the above transaction price was at least 10% higher than the bank valuation. However, the owner bought the unit as early as 10 years ago, in 2009, with a price of 1.56 million yuan. After the price reduction, the unit was sold, and the book still earned 4.54 million yuan, an appreciation of 2.9 times.

Although the market recorded a price reduction case, the newspaper has only recorded 6 transactions in the past two days. Apart from the Kingswood Villas and the Shatin First City, the other four transactions are still close to the bank valuation, reflecting most of the owners. Still the market price. Among them, there is a new high in the price of the unit in Fanling Huadu Square, which refers to 5 middle-floor D rooms, with a practical area of ​​370 square feet, with a price of 5.56 million yuan, and a price of 15,027 yuan, which is higher than the bank’s valuation of 5.04 million yuan. More than 10%.

The second unit of Shatin’s first city, the price of the shackles continued at 20,000 yuan. There are 47 high-rise B rooms, with a practical area of ​​284 square feet. The transaction price is 5.68 million yuan, and the price is 20,000 yuan. The cost is 5.77 million yuan compared with the bank, which is slightly 1.6%.

Trade war haze second-hand price rises and falls

Second-hand trading performance slowed down. Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of residential department of Zhongyuan Real Estate Asia Pacific, believes that the market is worried that the trade war will drag down the economy, the “late buy more flat" mentality, and the new homes accept applications, freeze purchasing power, expected second-hand Trading is unlikely to improve in the short term.

As for the chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, Mr. Bu Shaoming said that the latest second-hand property prices have risen by more than 10% from this year’s low level. Although the market remains unclear, the second-hand owners’ prices are still hard, and the sales are sawing, which makes the second-hand price rise. The volume fell.