Attendance at the APEC Business Leaders Summit Lin Chung: “One Belt, One Road" Becomes a New Impetus for Free Trade

Hong Kong Business Daily When addressing the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Leaders Summit held in Da Nang, Vietnam yesterday, Chief Executive Joanne Cheung said the Hong Kong SAR government will continue to promote free trade and at the same time proactively promote all kinds of people’s livelihood Policy to ensure that all sectors of society can benefit from the benefits of economic liberalization. In particular, Lin Zheng pointed out that the “One Belt and One Road" initiative proposed by China will enhance interconnection and interoperability among regions along the coast and other countries and will bring new impetus to promoting global free trade.

Free trade benefits Hong Kong

Lam Chung arrived in Da Nang earlier this morning and accompanied by the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Edward Yau, at noon to host the Hong Kong delegates of Hong Kong, China, including the APEC Business Advisory Council, Dr. Timor Lai, Dr. Shengzhi Zhi and Dr. CAO Kuan-shin, for their years of reflection in the Board on Hong Kong Business concerns. Established in 1996, the APEC Business Advisory Council is a standing business advisory body that advises APEC on issues of particular importance to business.

Lin attended the APEC summit on business topics in the afternoon on the discussions on new areas of trade, and expressed his opinions on the impact of global integration on economic development and the rise of trade protectionism. Speaking at this session, Base and two other business leaders.

During her discussion, she said that Hong Kong, as the freest economy in the world, has brought immense benefits to Hong Kong and made Hong Kong an international trade and business center for today.

Invest in education for future social insurance

Lin Zheng said that from time to time some people blamed free trade on various social issues and led to a rise in trade protectionism. Hong Kong will continue to promote free trade. At the same time, she believes that every government should take active measures to tackle social problems, including ensuring the living standards of the people so that they will feel the benefits of free trade and economic development.

She said Hong Kong is vigorously investing resources in education and training, social security and medical services. It will also reduce the profits tax rate of SMEs. She views these measures as investing in the future so that the community can better adapt to the changing economic environment. The rewards will give the government more resources to improve people’s livelihood in the future.

Refers to the more active face of the problem

In his opinion, in a globalized environment, Lam also faces new problems arising from global competition such as the disparity between the rich and the poor, the upward mobility of young people and the shortage of housing in Hong Kong. She believes that the government should be more proactive than ever before Problems, coping with challenges.

Mrs Carrie Lam also pointed out that the proposal of the One Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping put forward five interconnections between infrastructure, finance and trade. If the relations are good, they can create more trade opportunities for the Belt and Road countries and the outside world. She pointed out that Hong Kong actively participates in the Belt and Road Initiative and holds the “One Belt and Road Summit every year" to welcome the business leaders attending this meeting.

Next month, he will go to Beijing to review his position

In addition, Peruvian President Kuchinskii, who is also involved in the talks, said earlier discussions with Mrs Carrie Lam about Hong Kong’s planned third airport runway means that Peru’s Lima Airport also plans to expand its second runway and agrees that infrastructure will greatly contribute to the promotion of trade. Important, otherwise the development of the area will lag behind the situation.

It is learned that this time, Mrs Carrie Lam did not meet with President Xi Jinping personally as usual. Instead, she briefed Xi in a detailed statement of work and reported on the latest situation in Hong Kong when she went to Beijing for office in next month.