Kai Tak runway sold 8.3 billion yuan price of 14.5 million consortium bids expected

The Lands Department announced yesterday that the first residential site in the Kai Tak Runway Area – Area 4B, Area 4B, Kai Tak Estate, was hosted by Wheelock, New World (017) and Henderson ( 012) and Voyage Mile Limited, a company of the Imperial Group, invested in a joint venture of 8.333 billion yuan, with a floor price of about 14,500 yuan.

Lin Haowen, Executive Director and Valuation and Consulting Department of Knight Frank, believes that the winning bid price is within the expected valuation. Due to the large scale of land development and increased market risk, large-scale developers and consortiums are beneficial to the risk of decentralized development and sales. . He continued that the current transaction price also has an indicative effect on the value of the land on the future runway.

The price of the building starts at RMB 28,000 per unit.

Lin Haowen also said that the land has the core business district effect of CBD2, and the project enjoys the sea view, but lacks living facilities. He estimated that the project will focus on the development of small and medium-sized units, and will also add some large units and special households to facilitate the purchase of goods. After the completion of the project, each sale will be about 28,000 yuan, and the total development cost will be about 11.5 billion yuan to 12.5 billion yuan. .

Zhang Jingda, a surveyor of the Central Plains, said that the residential site No. 3 in Kai Tak District 4B was the first site in the Kai Tak Runway area. It was approved at the lower end of the market price. It can be seen that the developer’s bid is conservative and is expected to be the rear row of the remaining several runway areas. Land price indicator. Therefore, he decided to adjust the two sites in the back row of the same runway area and will soon be subject to the tender. The valuation of the residential land in Area 4B of Kai Tak, which was closed this Friday, was lowered from the original 9.2 billion yuan. To 8.33 billion yuan, the land price per floor is 145,000 yuan, a reduction of 9%. The Central Plains has lowered the valuation of the site twice, and the floor price per floor has been lowered from the initial 18,000 yuan to the current 14,500. Yuan, the cumulative reduction is 19%.

Zhongyuan lowering the land area valuation

Another site, No. 2, Zone 4B, Kai Tak, located in the middle section of the runway, facing the urban area, enjoys the city view. It will be open for tender starting this Friday and will be closed on December 21, and the Central Plains will be valued by The original price of 9.51 billion yuan was lowered to 8.61 billion yuan, and the floor price per floor was 145,000 yuan.

The residential plot of No. 3 residential area 4B in the Kai Tak original airport runway area was awarded 8 tenders last Friday. The consortium included Changshi (1113), Xindi (016), Jianye Real Estate and China Overseas (688). ) and Gaoyin Group; Jiahua International (173) partnered with Xinguan (083), and Baoting Redevelopment Development took the lead in joint venture with Hong Kong Fund.

The site covers an area of ​​about 10.4%, and the total floor area of ​​the building is about 57.4 miles. The market valuation ranges from 7.75 billion yuan to 9.19 billion yuan. According to the land sales regulations, the project will be divided into high and low seats. It is expected to provide tiered households with diversified units and provide tiered households and low-density or bungalow units.