The future 8 land plots in the same area are expected to fall slightly

Yesterday, the first plot of Zone 4B, No. 3 of the Kai Tak original airport runway area was approved at a market price of 8.333 billion yuan. The nature of the index price is believed to be that the valuation of the remaining 8 plots will be downward, but the magnitude should be slight.

Kai Tak’s strong resistance to falling

First of all, the Kowloon East Core Business District has gradually become a scale. Kai Tak is also the focus of Hong Kong’s urban renewal and government development. Together with the land area of ​​the runway area, the entire area is highly valued and requires different consortiums to participate in the bidding. In addition, with the gradual improvement of the Shazhong Line and other transportation facilities, it is expected that such residential projects will not be left out of the market in the future. Although the land development cost in this area is large, but the future potential is greater, it is believed that the valuation will not be significantly reduced.

Previously, the land plots in the same district were invaluable in Hong Kong. The land plots of the three Kai Tak exits near the MTR Sha Tin Station were estimated to be about 47.2 billion yuan. In May of this year, Xindi won the 1F District 1 commercial and residential mixed site with 25.16 billion yuan; in May last year, Nanfeng won the 1F District No. 2 commercial or hotel site for nearly 24.601 billion yuan. The transaction price of the two is in Hong Kong, which is higher than the 23.29 billion yuan in the Murray Road car park in Central. This shows the importance of the whole market to the Kai Tak Development Area.