Kennedy Town Court, Smart Home Air Club

Smart life is a major trend in the world. In recent years, in addition to the new homes equipped with smart home systems, even serviced houses have become more intelligent. Sun Hung Kai Properties’ rental of residential estates is a new smart home for tenants. The project has an air club, a sea view in the coastal area of ​​Hong Kong Island, and a flexible short-term rental service, which is expected to attract Central Talent to rent. Text: Carick

Located at 97 Belcher Street, Hong Kong Island, the Court is a 45-storey residential building with 128 units. Apart from the two-year long-term tenancy agreement, the developer has also joined the short-term tenancy scheme starting from two months, starting from the previous transaction rent, with a monthly rent of about HK$25,000 and a lease of about HK$70. Provide one to three bedroom units

3 to 4 people on the first floor of the building, with a room to three rooms, one room area of ​​345 to 392 square feet; two rooms area of ​​413 to 443 square feet; three rooms are located on the 28th floor or above, with an area of ​​805 to 834 square meters Hey. The unit is connected to the terrace and work platform. The height of the building is about 3.5 meters. The interior space is full, and some units can enjoy unobstructed sea views and feel more open. The unit has preset curtains and ceiling lights; the bedroom is equipped with a high wardrobe and built-in dressing table, and some bathrooms are equipped with heating and dehumidifiers. The unit door is equipped with electronic door locks. There are also a series of German brands Miele and Siemens home appliances. The three-bedroom large unit uses Poggenpohl kitchen cabinets to match the new mansion.

Tenant exclusive mobile APP

The selling point of the project is to equip with a number of smart facilities to create a new smart life. In addition to full coverage of free WiFi, the company also launched a dedicated mobile phone app, the software supports multi-language, the chat robot in the system will provide 24-hour reservation service, including: online butler service, club facility rental, home service and so on. Tenants can also use the mobile app to send QRCodePass to visitors, eliminating the need for complicated entry and exit registration procedures. In addition, the unit is equipped with a smart air conditioning system, which can be operated with one click and enjoy the smart life. This rental home provides tenants with home cleaning, laundry and drying, take-away ordering, mail collection, repair and taxi appointments, plus 24-hour security to make residents feel more at ease.

Three-bedroom home with endless sea view

The developer has built a number of renovated demonstration units in the existing building, including Room A on the 28th floor, and the three-bedroom suite and storage room are separated by an area of ​​834 square feet. The whole house is decorated in a blue and white minimalist Nordic style. The rectangular dining room divides the living room and dining area with white bookshelves. The living room is placed with three-seat lie-down combing, the window sill and TV cabinet are placed with small potted plants, and a large window is introduced. Ample natural light. The white wood dining table and chairs in the dining room are fresh and natural, and the dining room is connected to the terrace. The residents can always dine under the window of the vast Victoria Harbour. The separate kitchen has a curved work bench and is connected to the work platform. One of the bedrooms is designed as a study with two bookshelves, a desk and a combing chair. The sleeping area is located at the other end of the unit. The sleeping room can be placed in a single bed and a high-rise wardrobe. The master bedroom has a gray Nordic-style bed frame with imitation dyed blue and white bedding, and the double-sided floor-to-ceiling windows offer unrivalled sea views. The master bathroom is equipped with a toilet, sink and bathtub, and has a ventilated window.

Bathroom with work platform

There are two rooms and one room demonstration households in the current building. There are two rooms in the B room on the 28th floor, with an area of ​​431 square feet. The unit is a small entrance. After that, there is an open kitchen with a dining room. This area has a table for two people. The kitchen with a white tone is equipped with a ruler table. In the living room, two people combed and TV cabinets were placed. The distance between the two was reasonable enough to put the coffee table and square carpet. The sleeping room is decorated in pink, and in addition to the bed, a dressing table and chair and a half-length wardrobe are also placed. The bathroom is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder. Except for the window and the working platform, the ventilation is not a problem. The master bedroom has a double bed attached to the window and looks out the city view. The C unit in the same floor is a one-bedroom demonstration household with an area of ​​391 square feet. The unit layout is close to the two-bedroom households. The layout is mainly made of American walnut and is equipped with environmentally-friendly wood furniture.

3 minutes to Kennedy Town Station

The project has an air clubhouse with 5 floors and facilities including a 24-hour gym with VR fitness equipment and a sauna. Outside there is a landscaped garden and a top-level barbecue area, as well as a banquet hall, play area, VR experience area and more. USB charging sockets are available throughout the clubhouse and garden to cater to smart living. There are printers, photocopiers and multi-functional audio and video equipment in the business meeting space. Kennedy Town, where the project is located, has gradually changed since the opening of the MTR. There are many special restaurants and merchants in the district. It is easy to eat, drink and play, and it is only by the court to go to the MTR Kennedy Town Station. For about 3 minutes, enjoy the railway.