Kai Tak’s price is 32,000.

In the Kowloon East Kai Tak New Development Area, the property price has increased. In this year, the price of the price has already broken five times. At the end of last month, Jiahua International (00173)’s Jiahui counter-market hit a high-priced unit. The overall average price of the new flats in the district has risen to $32,000. This is the first Hong Kong-Hong Kong land project to be launched in September 2016. The average price of the number (I) is less than 16,000 yuan. In more than two years, the price of the price has doubled.

Five times this year

Kai Tak District is a major supplier of new products in recent years. The first new sales in the region was Kai Tak No. 1 (I) of China Overseas (00688). It debuted in September 2016, when the first price list was folded at an average price. Only 145,000 yuan, the project is less than 10 days to clear 521 standard households, the overall average transaction price is less than 16,000 yuan.

Since then, a number of new projects in Kai Tak have been sold, and the cost has continued to rise. In the second half of this year, the projects in the region include Jiahui, Kai Tak No. 1 (I) and (II), and DFAS OASIS KAI. TAK, Poly Real Estate (00119) Long Yu and Jianye Real Estate Tianzhu 6 new discs, a total of 38 sold, the average price rose to more than 32,000 yuan, even after deducting 13 groups of special households, sold 25 standard households The average price has also reached $31.08 million. The price of the price has doubled in more than two years. It is one of the fastest and most urgent areas for property prices in Hong Kong.

This year alone, the price of the Kai Tak District has been broken five times. At the end of last month, the 8th floor penthouse B room of Jiahui, sold by tender, has a saleable area of ​​2065 square meters. It is sold at a high price of 1.09445 billion yuan. The price is high at 53,000 yuan. Compared with the top three-storey Tianchi house in Tianzhu, which was the first time this year, the price of the price was 35,592 yuan, nearly 50% higher.