Kai Tak’s runway residential area has a price of 14,500 yuan per share. New World and other consortiums have won more than 8.3 billion.

The property market turned to the breeze. The government tendered for the sale of the mansion of the Wenhui Road on the top of the mountain. Wang Shangyue ended the flow last month. However, the first sale of the land in the Kowloon East Kai Tak original airport runway area was successfully sold. The No. 3 residential area in Block 4B Land, yesterday, led by New World (00017) and Wheelock Real Estate, and partnered with the “Big Mac" consortium of Hengdi (00012) and the Imperial Group, with a land price of 8.333 billion yuan. The floor price is about $14,500, which is in line with market expectations. The floor price is the second highest in the region. It reflects that the recent decline in property prices has not had much impact on the developer’s intention to invest in the land. It is the “indicator" of the land in the Kai Tak Runway area.

The No. 3 residential area in Kai Tak 4B is the first land for the Kai Tak Runway area. It was closed on Friday (2nd) and received 8 tenders. New World, Wheelock Real Estate, Henderson Land and Empire Group The heavyweight consortium is seen as a big hit. The Lands Department announced yesterday that the site was awarded a consortium of $8.333 billion to New World and successfully repelled Cheung Kong (01113), SHKP (00016), Jianye Real Estate and Ka Wah International (00173). 00083) and other seven consortia.

Optimistic about the market, the total investment of 14 billion

The site can be built with a total floor area of ​​approximately 547,615 square feet and a floor price of 14,502 yuan. The market had previously valued at 7.75 billion yuan to 9.19 billion yuan. The floor price of each floor was about 135,000 yuan to 16,000 yuan. Therefore, it was within the expectation that there was no decline in land prices due to the deterioration of the property market. The winning bidder said that it was very pleased to be the first land in the runway area of ​​Kai Tak original airport. The location of the site was near the sea and most of the units could enjoy the sea view of the commercial area. Kai Tak and Kowloon East are the most anticipated large-scale development zones in the future. The consortium has extensive development experience in the region, reflecting its optimistic outlook for the district. Liang Zhijian, vice chairman of Wheelock (00020), added that the total investment of the project is about 13 billion yuan to 14 billion yuan, but there is no development plan. He pointed out that the property market has ups and downs, trade wars and other factors have caused the recent property market correction, which is expected to have a short-term impact. There is still demand in the long-term market and confidence in the Hong Kong property market.

In this consortium, Wheelock Properties and Henderson have landfills in the Kai Tak area, and New World and Empire Group have first encountered the land in the area.

In Kai Tak District, 14 residential plots have been approved since 2013. The floor price of No. 3 plot in Area 4B is second only to that of Xindi, which was awarded the No. 1 plot of No. 1 plot in May 1 this year. , 18.4% lower than it. However, it is difficult to make a direct comparison between the newly acquired land near the MTR station and the large commercial floor.

In the future, the price will be 30,000 yuan.

Zhao Jinquan, Vice President of Greater China, Director of Asia Pacific, and Director of Asia Pacific Valuation and Advisory Services, pointed out that the price of the site is quite reasonable. As developers need to consider the construction of waterfront promenades and footbridges, the price reflects the increase in construction costs. After the completion of the sale, the practical price can reach 30,000 to 33,000 yuan.

Zhang Shengdian, Director of Enterprise Development Department of Pu’er Group (valuation and property management) believes that the current support of the runway area is slightly worse than that of the previously sold land, but the price of the second floor is still RMB 14,500, reflecting that the developer has not been bearish. After the market.

The residential plot adjacent to No. 4 in Area 4B will be closed on Friday (9th), and the total floor area will be 547,733 square meters. The valuation will be reduced from RMB 9.2 billion to RMB 11.49 billion to RMB 8.05 billion to RMB 9.2 billion. The floor price was 14,000 yuan to 16,000 yuan, a decrease of 19.9%. On the 21st of December, the No. 2 residential area in Area 4B, which can be closed, can build a total floor area of ​​499,087 square meters. Zhang Jingda, an executive director of Zhongyuan Surveyors, lowered the land valuation by about 9.5% to 8.61 billion yuan per floor. The land price is 14,500 yuan.