5.9 million “double bottom" in the east ring

5.9 million “double bottom" in the east ring

In the recent days, the Chinese dollar reached a consensus in the “Study Conference" to agree to “cease fire", but the decline in the second-hand housing market has not seen any signs. An investor in the Dongyong East Ring two groups in 7 months, the latest cumbersome 1.4 million yuan, out of the middle-level two-bedroom households with 5.9 million yuan, compared with the downstairs units sold 7 months ago, flat 16.9% The cost of the two-bedroom household fell below 6 million yuan. Dawei Jinhui Garden two-bedroom households changed hands with 5.6 million yuan, and the price was 14508 yuan. The price and the price of the price reached a new low this year.

呎 1.2 12,200, second-hand low

Fang Jihe, the assistant regional manager of Midland Realty, said that the 6th floor of the middle floor of Block 5A of Donghuan has a usable area of ​​483 square meters. The two rooms are separated and sold for 7.3 million yuan. The accumulated price reduction is 1.4 million yuan (about 19.2%). 5.9 million yuan was sold out, and the price was 12,215 yuan. Excluding the internal transfer, the transaction price and the price of the two houses were the lowest in the second-hand transaction.

It is reported that the original owner was a local investor. In 2015, it spent 45.736 million yuan to purchase the same unit on the lower floor of the transaction unit. The goods were sold to 7.1 million yuan in May this year. In contrast, the current unit was more than the time. The transaction price dropped by 1.2 million yuan (about 16.9%). The newly sold units were purchased in 2015 for 4.5897 million yuan, and the book earned 1,300,300 yuan (about 28.5%), but the profit margin was significantly narrower than the 55.2% of the downstairs units seven months ago.

According to market news, the E-room of the middle floor of Jinhui Garden in Dawei has a usable area of ​​386 square meters. The two rooms are separated. In September this year, the price was released at 7.5 million yuan, and after the chain price reduction, the final accumulated 1.9 million yuan (about 25.3%). With a price of 5.6 million yuan, the price of 14508 yuan, the transaction price and the price of the housing estate this year, the new low price. The original owner purchased it for 2.45 million yuan in 2010, and the book value rose by 3.15 million yuan (about 1.3 times).