IPO tail-up car, two enterprises today totaled 2.65 billion

IPO tail-up car, two enterprises today totaled 2.65 billion

The two new shares have been offering shares today, raising a total of 2.65 billion yuan. The admission fee for the Cangzhou City Commercial Bank (new listing number: 01983) is 3,434.3 yuan, and the admission fee for the new shareholder Lin Sheng Brothers’ Yongsheng Life Service (new listing number: 01995) of Xuhui (00884) is 4,201.9 yuan.

Cangzhou City Commercial Bank raised a total of 1.86 billion yuan, which will be used to strengthen capital. The fund raising is about 790 million yuan, and the funds are mainly used for purchasing investment, building a smart community, and developing an online service platform for services.

As of the end of June, the core tier 1 capital adequacy ratio and tier 1 capital adequacy ratio of Cangzhou Commercial Bank were 9.35%, of which the latter was only 0.85 percentage points higher than the regulatory requirements, and both fell 1.05 percentage points from the end of last year. Chairman Jiang said that with the expansion of the bank scale, the decline in capital adequacy ratio is an inevitable trend, emphasizing that the bank complies with regulatory requirements.

Yongsheng’s offer price limit can be reduced by 10%

As for the Yongsheng Life Service, its prospectus shows that the exclusive global coordinator Haitong International can lower the lower limit of the offer price by up to 10% to 1.44 yuan according to the degree of investor’s enthusiasm. Lin Zhong, chairman of the board of directors, said that pricing is listening to the market voice, “the market is correct," but from the road show, investors have recognized and enthusiastic, and have confidence in future development.

According to the IPO price limit of 2.08 yuan and 1.44 yuan, the historical P/E ratio of Yongsheng Life Service is 35.9 times and 24.9 times. Currently, the historical price-earnings ratio of Hong Kong-listed domestic property management is about 12 times to 28 times, and the highest value is Country Garden Service (06098). ) is 71 times.