Shopping Mall Social Network Treasure Hunting Featured Shop

As the saying goes, “The people use food as the heavens”, Hong Kong’s catering industry has always had no shortage of visitors. As long as there are popular food establishments in shopping malls, they can attract a large number of fans and stimulate the flow of people.

According to Chen Qinling, General Manager of the Tenancy Division of Sino Land (00083), in the future, besides catering, it will also explore potential specialty shops through social networking sites and introduce its shopping malls to make the customer base more diversified.

Chen Chin-ling said that in order to meet the changing tastes of consumers, besides chain stores, feature shops are becoming more and more valuable. The Group has been paying attention to local specialty online stores, looking for stores with a certain reputation to open physical stores in its stores, developing O2O (online and offline) services, or setting up a Pop-up Store (period limited stores) to test the water temperature.

Tuen Mun Town Plaza introduces popular shops

She pointed out that most of these types of shops performed well, because they already have a loyal fan base. In addition to chain restaurants, malls will also introduce individual light restaurants. Take Tuen Mun Town Plaza as an example. There are popular Korean coffee shops “TOM N TOMS COFFEE” and German-style pub “Beerliner”. About 18%.

Among the three major shopping malls of Xinhe, the largest is Tuen Mun Plaza, which was completed in the early 1980s. The rest are Olympian City and Fuxin Plaza. Chen Qinling said that in order not to affect the shopping of its customers, its shopping malls have always performed only partial renovations, and gradually change the business portfolio.

One of the largest renovations was in 2006. Tuen Mun Town Plaza converted the third floor parking lot into a retail store and introduced dozens of stores, including restaurants and clothing stores. These stores also performed well. She revealed that there will be new tenants entering the mall and news will be announced.

Travelers are optimistic about this year’s retail market

Since 2003, liberalization has been relaxed. Visitors from Mainland Mainland have increased rapidly. Chen recalls that at that time, its shopping malls had organized tours with various units in the Mainland to bring in visitors from shopping malls in the Mainland, and there were direct buses to pick up passengers. However, the number of visitors in shopping malls has gradually increased in recent years. On the right track, local customers also have spending power.

She believes that Hong Kong’s stock market is booming this year. Coupled with the rise in passenger numbers, the business performance of merchants in recent months has performed well and they have confidence in the overall retail market. During the Lunar New Year, the total flow of passengers in Tuen Mun Town Plaza and Olympian City rose by 10% over the previous year, recording 2.1 million and 2.3 million visitors respectively.