Cyberport’s 4,000th Cyberport starts this year

The Budget allocates $100 million for the development of e-sports in the Cyberport. Cyberport means that the shopping malls will be converted into more than 4,000 e-sports venues. It is expected that the design and construction will be completed this year; training courses and overseas study tours will also be held. Help the industry cultivate talent.

In fact, the development potential of the eports (Esports) industry is unlimited, resulting in a wide variety of jobs, such as players, leader managers, event guides, commentators, game anchors, etc. There is an e-sports event organizing company founder directed, Hong Kong live streaming There is a shortage of technical talent, and the starting salary for people who have skills in production and games can reach 18,000 yuan.

The Budget spent $100 million to develop e-sports, and half of them were used to support training personnel and technological development. Lin Shufen, director of corporate development at Cyberport, said that e-sports industry includes different kinds of jobs and involves various types of knowledge and skills, such as how to organize events to understand how to Get game company authorization and seek business sponsorship. She disclosed that the Cyberport will organize training courses to help young people enter the industry.

Will conduct a study tour to cultivate talents

Liang Deming, manager of the Cyberport youth group, added that they will cooperate with the industry to provide internship opportunities for young people. They also plan to organize a study tour this year to lead new talents to steal the field from other places, and to select mature locations in China, Japan and South Korea and other e-sports industries.

As regards the remaining $50 million, which will be used to renovate the atrium of the Cyberport Mall as a regular eSports venue, Lin said that the main venue will have an area of ​​more than 4,000 feet and can accommodate approximately 500 spectators. The 50 million yuan will also be used for stage and lighting installations. Technical professional equipment, such as shooting equipment, live streaming systems, is expected to complete the design and construction within this year. It will be rebuilt in stages, and the project will continue to hold various activities.

In recent years, the development of Hong Kong e-sports has been booming. Zhou Qikang, chairman of Hong Kong E-Sports and chairman of e-sports event organizing company Cyber ​​Games Arena, said that the development of e-sports industry can create more job opportunities for young people. A small competition needs about 50 people. Staff, large-scale events such as last year’s Hong Kong E-Sports Music Festival require 200 to 300 people. However, there are not enough talents in the industry, especially live broadcast technical staff such as broadcasters and directors. Like their company, the live streaming team only has 6, 7 Employees, but held hundreds of events in 1 year, and invited Southeast Asian events to the local team to create live events and were busy.

Directors and directors need to have knowledge of filming, production techniques and games. Zhou Qikang said that they once sought a TV station team to help shoot the live broadcast of the event. However, the other party did not understand the game terms and did not understand the director’s shooting requirements. Therefore, he is currently interested in training. And the newcomers who know how to shoot and make programs.

The starting salary for new recruits is about RMB 12,000, and the number of people who have skills in production and games can reach RMB 18,000. If they are promoted to the director in the future, an event will cost RMB 60,000.

Lagging behind the loss of Class A players in Hong Kong

Hong Kong lacks talents to develop e-sports. At the same time, in the face of talented people, Zhong Peisheng, chief executive of Hong Kong E-sports Co., Ltd., said that A-class players should have A-grade treatment, but the income of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is less than that of China and the United States, and many local A-level players Loss, coupled with the cost of the team to qualify for participation in the top international leagues, is increasingly expensive and costs hundreds of millions.

He expects the government to provide financial subsidies to support companies and talents that have the strength to win glory in Hong Kong for the international gaming stage, so that young people in Hong Kong can see the prospects.