Chinese Aoyuan first attacked Hong Kong

After the HNA incident, the rate of land-entry visits to Hong Kong has slowed slightly, and it has also attracted earth reserves through other channels. China Aoyuan Real Estate (03883) entered Hong Kong for the first time and is in the process of acquiring Yanbian Building, an old building in the Mid-levels Westhills, and retires for about RMB 80 million. Purchase several buildings and plan to rebuild.

Located at 63 to 67 Robinson Road in the Mid-Levels West, Yan Yuen Mansion is a 51-year-old residential property completed in 1967. It has a total of 32 units, 8 floors and 4 teams on each floor.

The most expensive price 26,000 30.43 million yuan for sale

According to the Land Registry’s information, three transactions were recently completed at Yanyan Building. The units are located in Room A on the 1st Floor, Room B on the 4th Floor and Room C on the 7th Floor, with transaction prices ranging from RMB 28,513,000 to RMB 30,428,000, for a total price of RMB 80,100,000. Yuan, of which the most expensive price of 26,413 yuan was acquired on the fourth floor of Room B, with a unit price of 30.428 million yuan and an area of ​​1,152 square feet. Referring to a 40-year-old estate Qiong Lin Ge near the housing estate, the price of the most recent second-hand transaction was about RMB 16,100. The acquisition price was about 60% higher than the market price.

From the observation of the site, the front of the Yanjing Mansion was blocked by many properties. It is believed that the reconstruction of the landscape in the future will focus on the view of the building. The site area of ​​the building is approximately 10,900 square feet, which is calculated at a maximum plot ratio of approximately 5 times. It can reconstruct a floor area of ​​approximately 54,500 square feet.

The buyer was purchased in the name of Yiming International Co., Ltd. The directors of the company include Guo Shuwen, Guo Yuning and Zhong Ping. All three are members of the board of directors of China Aoyuan Real Estate, among which Guo Shuwen is the chairman and executive director of the group. According to statistics, China Aoyuan Real Estate was established in 1996, and was listed in Hong Kong in 2007. It operates the real estate business in the Mainland and has entered overseas markets since 2015, including Sydney, Australia, Vancouver, Canada and Toronto. And its real estate business in the Mainland is more in the Pearl River Delta area, including residential development, commercial and hotel projects.

Last year, it was awarded to Maanshan residential area

According to the statistics, China Aoyuan Property had also entered the tender for the site of the Whitehead residential site in Maanshan in Hong Kong last year, but eventually returned home.

There are many old buildings in the West Mid-levels, and its lot is also one of the traditional luxury residential districts. Therefore, many old buildings are also favored by developers and the dense acquisitions will be rebuilt and deployed in the future. New Zealand (00016)’s suburb, Ba Pedun, is the latest redevelopment project in the region. The project temporarily sold 15 people, with an average transaction price of approximately RMB 33,000.

In recent years, Mainland developers have actively entered the Hong Kong real estate market. Apart from the official lands, they have also started to increase their land reserves through acquisition of old buildings in the secondary market. For example, Agile (03383), one of the leading developers in the interior room, acquired the Longpu Villa in Kowloon Tong and the old building in the King’s Road Co-op in Quarry Bay in recent months for a total of RMB 1.1 billion; China Merchants Capital Partners Co., Ltd. ) Purchased Kwai Chung Central Industrial Building. There was also the acquisition of Crown Land from other developers by the Company’s equity transfer and the acquisition of Evergrande (03333), one of the leading developers in the Mainland, to acquire Heng Tsui Road, Tuen Mun, at about HK$6.5 billion. Land.