Central Queensway H Queen& Rent 100 From Your District 20%

The Central Central Shopping Mall in the core area is in short supply. Hengdi (00012)’s new Grade A commercial building, H Queen’s, is not used for office purposes. It is leased to arts and catering and other industries. It costs 100 yuan to rent and it is up to two places higher than similar commercial buildings nearby. to make.

H Queen’s is located at No. 80 Queen’s Road Central, Central. It is a 24-storey building with a total floor area of ​​120,000 square feet. It was completed in the middle of last year and tenants moved in at the end of last year. According to Li Jingen, deputy general manager of Hengdi Leasing, H Queen’s is a commercial-themed commercial building with a rental rate of over 80%. The rented portion is used for statistics. 53% of the tenants come from the art industry; the catering industry accounts for 27%. 2.5 million square meters of floor space; the remaining 20% ​​are retail and leisure industries, and no purely office tenants. She pointed out that in the art industry, tenants rent for about 100 yuan, and the catering industry rents for 140 yuan, which is about 10% to 20% higher than that of similar commercial buildings in the district.

South Korea MLB stationed in the ground or monthly rental million

The commercial building currently has 5 commercial shops in the art industry, including 4 galleries and 1 auction house. In addition to galleries and art exhibitions, Audemars Piguet, the Swiss luxury watch brand, also opened the first branded conference room in Asia. Korean sports brand MLB will lay a flagship store on the mansion at the end of this month, and the city will pass a monthly rent of nearly 1 million yuan. The second floor of the ground floor serves as a pop-up exhibition space until the end of the year, displaying art, creative retail and design projects.

Li Jingen indicated that the remaining floors of the building will focus on attracting tenants related to art and leisure life, and there is room for rent increase. She pointed out that at present, the retail industry in Hong Kong has recovered, and the rental of shopping malls in the Group has re-emerged. However, retailers must be more creative in attracting customers with special concepts.

She also disclosed that the Tongzhou Middle Road commercial development project in the same department will focus on the medical industry. Details will be announced later.