Fine floor continued epilepsy

The passengers on the bus continue to actively pursue the market, and the market has even recorded high-priced deals on many discs. The Yubai Park open-plan unit’s practical unit price was almost equal to 18,000 yuan, creating a record high in the price of housing estates. The transaction price of two rooms in Tseung Kwan O Wai On Garden also approached 17,000 yuan, a new record for the housing estate.

The Yuen Long Parker Open Unit was sold at a new high price of $17,647 for the housing estate, which is the price level for the blue-chip housing estates in the urban area.

Hui’an Park two rooms double broken top

Central Plains Wang Qinxue said that the above-mentioned high-rise H Block in Block 10 has a saleable area of ​​272 sq ft. It was sold at a new high price of 4.8 million yuan for the open-plan unit. The practical price was RMB 17,647, and the price was even higher. In December 2003, the original owner bought units at a first-hand price of 2.97 million yuan, and to date profits of 1.83 million yuan have been booked, and the unit has appreciated about 62%.

The Tseung Kwan O Sheung Yuen Court also recorded a broken sale. Hong Kong Property’s Liu Haoqin stated that the above-mentioned Hui’an Park’s 4th floor, Room E, had a saleable area of ​​354 sq ft, and was sold at a price of RMB 6 million. It was a new high price for the two houses and a practical price of RMB 16,949. The price is even higher in the whole estate. Zhongyuan Wu Jinji said that in the same area, there are 7 mid-level rooms at Tseung Kwan O Plaza, with an area of ​​459 square feet. It is also a two-bedroom space. Units were sold for 7.75 million yuan, and the practical price was 16,885 yuan, creating a new high for the two houses.

The practical price of Maanshan Center first rose to 17,000 yuan. The United States Liang Ronggui stated that there are two high-rise B rooms in the estate, with a total area of ​​364 square feet. The initial asking price was 6.5 million yuan, and the market was sold for 6.2 million yuan in a month. . Converted to a practical price of $17,033, Haoyinchuang has a record high.

The New Territories indicator has a record price for the fine three-bedroom home in the first city of Shatin and has been rewritten in a short period of time. Meilian Ho Zhihao said that there were 31 high-rises in Room B of the housing estate, with 451 square meters of used area, sold for a similar high price of 7.6 million yuan, and the practical price was about 16,851 yuan. The housing estate has a saleable area of ​​447 square feet and the same type of three-room apartment was sold two days ago at a similar high price of 7.45 million yuan, but the record was immediately broken by the site.

Kornhill 3 bedrooms sold 11.4 million

Urban large-scale housing estates are also frequently sold at high prices. Central Plains Yang Wenjie said that the low-rise 8th floor of Block Q of the Kornhill Garden in Quarry Bay has a saleable area of ​​616 square feet and was sold for 11.4 million yuan, creating a new high for similar housing in the housing estates. Price 18,506 yuan.

Li Jiage Yu Meibao said that the two-room house in Room D, Block 23A, Haicang Plaza, Hung Hom, has a saleable area of ​​561 sq ft. The transaction price is 11.68 million yuan, and the real estate price is 20,820 yuan.