Acting for personal identity promotion in the new round of about 10 in the first quarter

According to the website of the Bureau of Local Construction Supervision, according to the website of the website of the State Bureau of Lands and Domicile, about 10 cases of illegal inquiries were issued in the first quarter by the licensees who issued new-card advertisements in their personal capacity. Some of the agents had five similar violations. Upward trend.

There were 5 similar violations

The number of newly-licensed agents rose to over 38,600, a record high, with an average of six agents competing for one transaction. Competition in the industry is fierce, and the Bureau’s enforcement agency strengthens its enforcement and supervision. According to the Bureau’s website, of the disciplinary investigation cases in the first quarter, about 10 cases involved licensed agents acting in their personal capacity, not as property agency companies, to issue advertisements relating to first-hand residential properties for publicity and sales. The code was condemned and required a fine ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.

Among them, three agents violated the same type of violations more than two times or more. The most serious ones had five similar violation records and were fined a total of 5,000 yuan and condemned.

Similar signs are also showing signs of improvement. With reference to the fourth quarter of last year, there were 7 cases of such non-compliance hearings. The fine ranged from RMB 1,000 to RMB 3,000, of which only one agent had two violations. I believe Competition in the industry has increased and the situation is worth noting.

In addition, there were two other cases of non-compliance with loans for first-time buyers in the quarter. They were each fined a total of 10,000 yuan by the Administration, required additional credits, and suspended their licences for seven days.