Tai Wai Estate Opens Up 238,000 New Projects

The new market has not been buoyant due to the Ching Ming public holiday yesterday. The market estimates that there were only 10 cases of single-handed transactions yesterday. Among them, Wangan Real Estate (1243), the largest investor in the Tai Wai Estate, has at least 5 members, among which the largest share consists of An open-ended household sold in excess of RMB 23,800, a record-high price for the project.

It is worth noting that there were 4 records in the list, including the 1st floor, 3rd floor, D1 room. According to the first-hand auction record, the above-mentioned order book was a practical 399-square-family one-bedroom household and yesterday it had another 6.963 million. Yuan was re-sold, the actual amount was RMB 17,201; the other two wings were in Room C10 on the 9th floor, and the usable area was 262 sq.ft. with open interval. The transaction price was RMB 6.257 million and the actual amount was RMB 23,882. The unit was C1 room on the 12th floor of the 2nd wing. It was practically 425 square feet and was separated by two rooms. The transaction price was 8.319 million yuan and the actual amount was 19,574 yuan.

In addition, recently sold in the form of a building, the Ho Man Tin Estate owned by Kerry (0683), according to the real-estate transaction record record, the latest demolition of three D 16/F, D room, 529 square meters of usable area, 2 rooms apart, 36.154 million yuan, 25,738 yuan.

This month 沽 6 gangs 110 million

In addition, 7 floors of the 6th floor have a saleable area of ​​975 sq.ft. G. They were also sold for 31.2 million yuan, which is 32,000 yuan. Since April of this year, the project has recorded six transactions and cashed in about 110 million yuan.