New disk slowdown

The developer has adjusted the pace of the push for the holiday season. There were only 3 groups of tenders in the new market this weekend. There was no large-scale sales. Love Hyun modified the price list, 28 plus 2% to 3%.

During the long Easter holiday, the sales of the first-hand goods slowed down, and the new project was still in a soft-sales phase. The main force was to sell surplus goods. Chang Shih (01113) Tsuen Wan Sea Love. Love Hyun Mei uploaded a new revised price list yesterday. 28 groups increased their prices by 2% to 3%. They all belong to Block 5A, Block A, Room 4.

Among them, the 50th floor, Room A, was priced upward from RMB 35,488,000 to RMB 36,553,000. Within a two-month period, the difference was RMB 1.065 million and the price increase was 3%. However, the discount was also increased from 22% to 25%.

Love dazzling 28 groups plus 2 to 3%

This weekend, only three groups of surplus units tendered, including Ho Man Tin Ming Yuen Estate, Tsing Yi Estate and Kai Tak 1 (II), where the property was first introduced and the tendering time was only 1 hour, which was the same as Kai Tak 1 (II).

New materials such as Yumenshan Tuen Mun, Shangyuan and Jiaxi, Baishijiao, etc. will be launched in the market starting from next week and will once again attract market attention.