Tsing Yi Landmark is currently up to 920 million in valuation

Tsing Yi Yao Ting Road residential area today closed, the maximum building floor area of ​​102,000 square feet, developers must be responsible for the construction of a public transport terminal more than 9,000 square feet, the market valuation of 710 million to 920 million yuan.

More than 9,000 traffic terminals must be built

The site of the junction of Tui Road is located opposite Cheung Hong Tsuen Bus Terminus. It covers an area of ​​14,400 sq. ft. and has a floor space of no less than 5,850,000 sq. ft. and a maximum height of 102,000 sq. ft., with a high ceiling above the main level. 200 meters, the terrain is higher on the hillside, and it is expected that in the future, the view of the mountainous area and the urban landscape of the area will be dominated by Yau Kom Tau.

The successful bidder must build at his own expense a public transport terminal with a gross floor area of ​​not less than 9,000 square feet. At the same time, a public passageway is to be established on the road near Tou Tide Road and geotechnical exploration and prevention works for the northern hillside site should be provided. Emissions and other environmental assessments are expected to have an impact on the bid.

The valuation of the integrated industry is between RMB 710 million and RMB 920 million, and the floor price per square foot is between RMB 7,000 and RMB 9,000. Due to the small amount of funds involved, it is expected to attract tenders from small and medium-sized developers. It is expected that approximately RMB 18,000 will be sold after completion.