Qiu Tenghuadi 660 million full purchase of Cuiheng Park

Many consortia have a special liking for the old buildings in the urban area

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr. Qiu Tenghua’s brother, Qiu Tengda’s Dibang Investment, is an example. Following the investment of 574 million yuan at the beginning of the year, Dibang Investment has purchased more than 90 million yuan in the three units of Cuiheng Park, with an average price of 26,400 yuan.

Qi Tengda’s Dibang Investment has acquired many old buildings in the past. Among them, Cuiheng Garden, which is located at the junction of Gangden Park and Jiujiao Street in Kowloon, has a 53-year-old building, and Dibang Investment has recently re-launched its holdings.

90,000 sweeps the last 3 groups

According to the Land Registry, three units of Cui Hang Park, each with a saleable area of ​​1,133 square feet, were purchased by the purchasers for a total of $90 million. The average price was $26,400. Buyers through the City Concept Limited) registered to buy, the company’s directors include Lu Yiyi, Ashley Pacific Limited and Carry Fortune Limited. Qiu Tengda’s Dibang Investment held the No. 27 Luji Road on the Peak. It is also held by companies such as Lu Yingyi and Ashley Pacific Limited. The buyers of the purchases are Dibon Investment or related parties.

In March, Dibang Investment spent 574 million yuan to purchase 21 units and parking spaces in Cuiheng Park. Together with this time, it invested a total of 664 million yuan to purchase Cuiheng Garden

All 24 groups have been acquired. It is expected that all the shares will be unified. . The property has a site area of ​​13,982 square feet. With a plot ratio of 2.1 times, it can be built with a floor area of ​​29,362 square meters. The purchase price is about 664 million yuan. The land price per square floor is about 22,600 yuan.

Dibang invested in the purchase of old buildings in the past to obtain profits. For example, since 2005, the acquisition of two old buildings in 31 and 31A, Lianwei Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, the total cost of the acquisition is about 165 million yuan, less than one month after the merger. 100 million yuan sold, earning 185 million yuan.

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