Lin Jianyue promotes the safety of Hong Kong and continues to promote the local deep tour.

Since Lin Chengyue became the chairman of the Tourism Development Bureau in 2013, he led the HKTB to sail and introduce many new ones. He believes that in the future, Hong Kong should be promoted in the direction of a safe city, instead of only promoting food lovers and shopping paradise. “Hong Kong has more than 40% of green areas. There are many good places to enjoy the sunrise and the environment. It’s quiet, the most important thing is that it’s safe enough in peace. One or two people will not be surprised when they go to the dusk. In foreign countries, I don’t believe that some people say that they are not afraid. Everyone knows what will happen.”

He is full of confidence in the tourism industry’s prospects. Apart from the two uncertainties such as exchange rate and geopolitics, the industry in Hong Kong has a great advantage. It is recognized by the world. “Hong Kong is one of the safest cities. For passengers, this is the case. It’s very important, especially with children. If you feel that something is not safe, you won’t go."

Sham Shui Po Design and Fashion Centre

In recent years, the HKTB has been keen to promote local in-depth tours. Following last year’s Central City Cultural Tour, it expanded to Sham Shui Po in May this year. The long-term goal of Lin Jianyue is to turn all 18 districts into tourist attractions. Speaking of Sham Shui Po, he had to mention his family sentiment: his father Lin Baixin started his clothes in the district and the adjacent Changsha Bay, and established the Lixin career kingdom. “I grew up in Changsha Bay, (Lixin) factory There, I am quite familiar with it, but I have no comments on this promotion."

Why choose Sham Shui Po this old district? He explained: “Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, but not everyone loves to buy famous brands. In fact, there are many shops selling clothing and accessories in Sham Shui Po. Last year, a designer in our promote area mentioned many performances of Uranus superstars. For example, Eason (Eason Chan) is from Sham Shui Po, which proves that you can also be a superstar. This is Hong Kong’s speciality."

The Government intends to turn Sham Shui Po into a design and fashion centre. It has earlier announced the redevelopment of the design and fashion base at Tongzhou Street. Lin Jianyue strongly supports it. He believes that there is a wholesale and retail of traditional clothing fabrics in the district. As long as the fashion, clothing and retail are combined, it is believed that it can promote the development of tourism in the region.

Of course, there are more than one or two features. “Sham Shui Po has the oldest public housing. Visitors will find it interesting. There are also many authentic snacks such as tofu, dried noodles and snacks. Nowadays, it is rare in other parts of Hong Kong. These will be (HKTB) this year’s publicity focus."

Leading the HKTB to make achievements

Now the performance of the HKTB is obvious to all. Looking back at Lin Jianyue’s 2007 “entry" as a member of the committee, it turned out to be another world. “The travel bureau was stunned by the people. The first day went in and was responsible for receiving me. Colleagues said: “I am doing this month, Lin Sheng"! At that moment, I was scared to death, and my heart was stunned.

Worried that the problem could not be solved, Lin Jianyue and the then-president Tian Beijun “take a shot" and gradually bring order out of chaos; after Peter took over as chairman in 2013, the HKTB added a number of events, such as the Wine Festival, Bicycle Festival, E-sports Festival, etc. They are all well received, and there is an event every month, but he has not invited. “I dare not say that it is a great achievement. The HKTB is leading in Tiansheng (Tian Beijun). I have been taking over and I have been making progress. Stepping into a more formal environment, the operation is relatively normal."

While grasping the opportunity, he also does not say that the Hong Kong tourism industry still faces different levels of challenges. The price of hotel rooms is often affected by the seasonal supply and demand, which is detrimental to Hong Kong’s appeal.

#财经# The 45th Anniversary Anniversary of the Letters – 45 years passed together – Lin Jianyue promotes the safety of Hong Kong and continues to promote the local depth tour