Housing market foundation private building turned to subsidized housing

Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue chose to introduce 6 measures on the eve of the previous anniversary, including decoupling the subsidized housing from the market price. Some people familiar with the housing policy described this as a revolutionary transformation. The foundation of the housing market will gradually shift from private buildings to subsidized sale of houses.

As early as in the campaign platform, Lin Zheng has shown that her housing policy tends to be dominated by home ownership. She hopes to reset the Hong Kong people’s home ownership ladder and rekindle Hong Kong people’s dream of home ownership.

Public and private ratios in June 4th

However, after Lin Zheng took office, the property price continued to rise, which made many Hong Kong people dream of buying property. On the eve of July 1st, Lin Zheng launched a 6-item strategy. According to the familiar room policy, Lin Zheng had stated in the early days that the housing policy was dominated by home ownership. In the past year, outside the private buildings, the government was in the HOS and Green. Above the top, a Hong Kong resident was added to the first car. Now that the price of HOS flats is decoupled from the market price and the public’s affordability is used, the new pricing policy is also applicable to the future sale of subsidized housing. According to the source, the overall layout will make the direction of the future housing policy clearer.

The source bluntly said that the temporary impact of Lin Zheng’s 6 strokes may not seem too big, because the number is not too much, but the direction is ground breaking. This will make Hong Kong’s housing market, from the past private buildings, the main cornerstone, and slowly turn to the public can afford to sell the housing; the key is the proportion of the shift, the pace of the pace. He believes that when people start, they may not feel too fast. In fact, they cannot go too fast.

Lin Zheng’s new six strokes have not changed the proportion of public and private housing in the past six quarters, but she indicated that the June 4th ratio is not unchangeable. The source believes that to a certain extent, Hong Kong is on its way to Singapore. Asked if Hong Kong has the financial ability to take the housing policy path in Singapore, the source bluntly said that the direction should be whether Hong Kong has the financial capacity to continue to undertake the public housing policy led by public rental housing.