TWELVE PEAKS sells 152,000 Asian most expensive bungalows

The new housing policy has not seen too much impact on the private property market. Super-luxury houses have recorded new high turnover. The price of a TWELVE PEAKS house on the top of the mountain is 730 million yuan, and the price is 152,592 yuan, setting a record for the most expensive foreign house in Asia.

In the past Sunday (July 1), Xindi (00016)’s top TWELVE PEAKS tendered and sold the project No. 8 bungalows with an area of ​​4,784 square feet, with a transaction price of 730 million yuan, a price of 152,592 yuan, and a house with 2,889 square meters. And 817呎天台, the price of the No. 8 house broke the record of the price of 151,785 yuan in the same year in the same area of ​​Mount Nicholson No. 2, which became the most expensive house price in Asia.

Developer provides stamp duty rebate

However, the developer provides the buyer with a stamp duty cash rebate. If the rebate equal to 15% of the property price is deducted, the transaction price will be reduced to 129,703 yuan. If the price is calculated at the discounted price, the price of the house No. 2 of Mount Nicholson has not been exceeded. The price level.

According to the information, TWELVE PEAKS has recorded the last transaction in February 2015. It is the first transaction in more than three years. The project has a total of 12 houses, and together with the latest transaction of No. 8 house, 5 buildings have been sold. A total of 2.5 billion yuan was cashed out.

New disk 3 days A total of 118 transactions

Xindi’s luxury residential projects were recorded at the same time. Shouchenshan SHOUSON PEAK沽Shoushan Village Road No. 11A, the practical area of ​​the house was 3,553 square feet, sold for 287.8 million yuan, and the price was 81,002 yuan. Shatin Jiutian Cloud also sold the Premier 9th house for 178 million yuan, covering an area of ​​3,760 square feet and a price of 47,340 yuan. The transaction price and the price of the price both hit a new high, and the cost was even higher in Shatian.

In addition, Mong Kok is still on the past Saturday (June 30), the first round of sales of 76 people, the past three days sold a total of 27 groups, accounting for more than 30%. New World (00017) North Point Parker Hill sold 3 units of Room A on the 9th floor yesterday. The transaction price was nearly 17 million yuan, and the price was 25,900 yuan. So far, 428 people have been sold, and the cash has exceeded 10 billion yuan. The same department Qingshuiwan is proud to sell. 2 gangs, 9 of which are 5th floor B, with an area of ​​1,837 baht, with a transaction price of 39 million yuan and a price of 21,230 yuan. The project sold 575 people.

Taking into account the above transactions, in the past three days of long holidays, a total of 118 transactions were recorded in the primary market. The number of transactions was also active, but it was down by about 40% compared with 202 cases in the previous weekend.