Property prices are lower

Property prices are lower

In the past week, the stock market continued to stir up news, and investors naturally feel good. However, the property market continues to decline, but the sales are like two poles. One of the most eye-catching headlines yesterday was the first case of MOUNT NICHOLSON, which was awarded the title of Asia Crown. The transaction price of the project exceeded 720 million yuan. The buyer ordered an immediate loss of 5% of the property price deposit. Lost 36 million yuan. For the migrant workers, it is a buzz to see this order!

At the same time, the pricing of new discs is getting lower and lower. The New Territories even flashed a long-lost four-digit new price. The first-hand price is lower than the second-hand price in the same district, but it still fails to attract buyers. The coldness may be due to the fact that some of the triangles of the project are open, which is a challenge to the limits of the home. The congenital factors such as geographical environment and noise may also be one of the reasons that affect the purchase of tickets. However, the public is afraid that the psychological expectation that property prices will still fall, that is, the possibility of buying 咗 is afraid of losing, but it is definitely a key consideration.

Psychological factors

The top-level luxury homes such as the Peak have a huge amount of subscriptions. Although it is an individual incident, the reasons for buyers are waiting for the media to trace. Then look at the overall atmosphere of the atmosphere is cold, but definitely not an individual event.

The data tells you that last year’s new sales in the whole year exceeded 1.57 million, but sales in the fourth quarter have slowed down. In the whole year, a total of 229 new orders were placed, of which nearly 30% were ordered. It is a case of termination of a sale and purchase agreement. That is, after the buyer signs the sale and purchase agreement, he decides to give up the market and the remaining 70% is “buy and buy".

What is it that makes it easier for buyers to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even over one million yuan? There are many reasons for terminating a sale or purchase contract. For example, if a bank borrows money or makes a mortgage, it can only be seized. However, 70% of them belong to the immediate purchase, I am afraid that psychological factors are more than others, preferring to lose less and win.

In fact, since the end of last year, several new orders that have attracted ultra-low-price pricing to attract buyers have continued to record cases, reflecting that the general public’s confidence in the property market is getting weaker and weaker. Nowadays, if you can afford to buy a super-luxury home like a mountaintop, if you want to make a reservation because of the bearish market, then it is very valuable, because it is a reference, because the buyers who can afford this kind of property are not the general. The people are professional investors.

Or even if the buyer is not ordered because of the bearish market, but suddenly there is a problem with the business and the capital turnover is not working, then everyone will ask, how long will the business be difficult to sustain this trend? It is necessary to know that the negative impact of the Sino-US trade war on different manufacturers last year is actually slowly emerging. As Deloitte, which specializes in corporate liquidation, it is expected that the number of private enterprises will continue to rise this year.

Some people will say that with the expected sharp increase in interest rate hikes in the United States, the Hong Kong property market can be stabilized. In fact, everyone knows that today’s factors affecting Hong Kong property prices are more sensitive than people’s interest. When everyone thinks that property prices will rise, no matter how bad the property prices are, Hong Kong people will still catch up with the goods. Now, when the expectation of falling property prices has already formed, buyers will only become more cautious.