Hong Kong stocks return to the 2nd and 9th

Hong Kong stocks return to the 2nd and 9th

The market is expected to reach an agreement at the end of the month, and A-shares will force Hong Kong stocks to hit 429 points at most, breaking through the 29000 mark. However, the tail market has emerged and its stamina has not continued. It closed at 28,959 points, up 147 points or 0.51%; H pointed to 11575 points, up 69 points or 0.6%. The market sentiment was good and the transaction volume increased significantly to RMB 148.9 billion. After the flood of goods in Beishui, it also re-purchased Hong Kong stocks. Hong Kong stocks recorded a net inflow of 2.97 billion yuan yesterday.

Shijiazhuang’s biggest increase in blue chips

The mainland science and technology board opened, stimulating new economic stocks. Mito (1357) had risen 15.3% in the session and fell back to 3.84 yuan, closing at 3.69 yuan, up 10.8%, a three-month high. Benefiting from the A-shares, Chinese-funded financial stocks performed well, with CCB (939) and Ping An Insurance (2318) rising nearly 1.3%.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved Shijiazhuang (1093) to dismantle Shimao Group Xinnuowei listed in Shenzhen, and will issue no more than 50 million new shares. The price of Shijiazhuang will rise 4.4% to 13.84 yuan, the largest increase in blue chips.

Zhonggang proud fund manager Wen Gangcheng said that the Hang Seng Index will not rise upwards after hitting 29241 points yesterday, reflecting that the Hong Kong stock market is rising more rationally than A-shares. Although the overall direction continues to move upwards, this week or now the callback. He pointed out that on Tuesday, Premier Li Keqiang will deliver a speech on work, and it is expected that there will be no adjustments on the day, but the time is expected to have a greater chance of a correction in Hong Kong stocks, reaching around 28,200 points at 250. The A-share ETF has been sought after recently. He pointed out that the ASUS A50 is better than the HSI, and the retailers are smashing the A50 and the South A50.