the government loves bricks more than gold

Lee is the head: the government loves bricks more than gold

“Twenty billion will be able to support the market? Hey, the mediator will be shocked by the financial crisis?" After the Budget, the media really noticed the $20 billion home plan of the financial man, but the most confusing thing is why young The reporters would think of this direction in the market.

The teenager may be too young to see what the real market is. Let the uncle give me a simple statement: “The Hong Kong government has no ability to trust the market. Because under the linked exchange rate, if you want to support the market, you will only use real money." In 1998, the so-called 100 billion yuan entered the market to play predators, really let Hong Kong breathed a sigh of relief. After the LTCM broke out, the Fed cut interest rates three times in a row.

Far from saying it, I just want to bring it out. The rich man intends to use 20 billion home buyers for social welfare organizations. If the purpose is to support the market, it is just a drop in the bucket, so it is not the reason behind it. Besides, in the current and today’s environment, who would have thought of the need to support the market? But some people say that the government’s 20 billion yuan can loosen the store’s crab products. This statement is still true, but the so-called “dead scene" and “dead shop" are mostly controlled in places where the ownership is scattered. The government has to collect and have operational difficulties.

In retrospect, I believe that the government seems to have a clear acquisition target, otherwise there will be no such specific statement. But I think it is worth discussing that the government says it is better to buy than to rent because it hopes to provide a long-term stable environment for the social welfare institutions. In fact, in terms of the theoretical level of asset allocation, the long-term costs of renting and buying should be roughly agreed. The point is that as long as the income has increased spending, the savings outperforms inflation, and the rest allows the compound interest rate to play a role.

I have reason to believe that the Government hopes to establish a precedent by this time: the government departments will take the initiative to acquire bricks. As a result, different departments really have related needs. Second, the government has always existed in the form of funds, and the accumulated amount is really amazing. It is better to return to the traditional wisdom and lock the capital in the bricks to prevent all the people from looking at it.