7 new disk 811 rushed to “July 1″ before pushing GRAND MONTARA over 12 times OMA four goals

7 new disk 811 rushed to “July 1″ before pushing GRAND MONTARA over 12 times OMA four goals

In the second half of this month, the new market was in rapid development, and several new orders were sold at the end of the month. Wing Tai Real Estate (00369)’s Tuen Mun OMA OMA issued three price orders, announced the sales arrangements yesterday, and implemented a total of 229 gangs on Sunday (30th), so that the last weekend of the month (29th and On the 30th, as many as seven new discs were sold for a total of 811, which was the most popular in the past eight weeks since the beginning of May. On the weekend of the 7th session, the 504 group was sold by GRAND MONTARA, Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O Real Estate. The project received over 6500 votes as of last night and over 11.9 times.

Zhong Zhilin, executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate Development, said that OMA OMA opened its demonstration units in the past week. The market responded positively. 193 groups were launched on Sunday and 36 featured households were launched by tender. The OMA OMA sales arrangement shows that there are two batches of units on sale on Sunday. There are 193 groups on the A-selling price list, the practical area is 314 to 750 square meters, and the average price is 12719 yuan. The flattest unit is 1B, 5th floor, room D. The practical area is 318 square meters, with a 41-square platform, one room interval, entrance fee of 3.9988 million yuan, price of 12575 yuan, the whole batch of 169 groups sold for less than 6 million yuan. A batch will be subdivided into two groups of picking buildings. Group A big group should purchase at least 2 groups instead of 3 groups. It must include a practical area of ​​700 square feet or more; Group B can buy 1 to 3 groups. In batch B, 36 featured households were launched on the same day by tender, including 11 underground duplex units.

OMA OMA, located at 108 Wun Road, provided 466 gangs with a saleable area of ​​254 to 1659 squares. On Sunday, it even sold 229 gangs, accounting for 49% of the real estate; it is expected to enter the company by the end of June 2021.

This month’s first-hand deal challenged 1,500

In addition, SHKP (00016) Kowloon Station also launched 7 groups for sale on Sunday. In addition, Henderson Land (00012) also launched 12 groups on the same day, and CITIC Pacific (00267)’s CITIC Pacific Real Estate Kadooria, 111-133, Wanda Road, Man Tin, launched a group of tenders on June 30, bringing a total of 811 pairs in 7 sets on the weekend. The first weekend of the 1960s in May, the most popular group in the past 8 weeks. Opportunities, as expected by the industry, surged to 1,500 new transactions this month.

GRAND MONTARA partner of Wheelock Real Estate Co., Ltd. provides an intermediary company to provide buyers with a flat-favored offer. Midland Real Estate partners in the referral of Meridian mortgages to provide buyers with two mortgage offers. The Mergers and Mortgage Referral Director of Operations, Mr. Zhang Wei, said that GRAND MONTARA offers “short-term flexibility/high rebate mortgage discounts". One is that mortgages are up to 65% of the property price, and the full-term interest rate is the best interest rate (P is 5.125). PCT) plus 2.625%, the interest rate is not for the principal, the repayment period is up to 7 years, and the full-term interest rate is as low as the best interest rate (P is 5.125%) minus 2.75%, and the repayment period is up to 30 years. Provide a 2.1% cash rebate on the loan amount.

Wang Meifeng, Managing Director of Zhongyuan Mortgage Brokerage, said that the Central Plains Mortgage also launched a floor plan for GRAND MONTARA buyers, with a full-term interest rate as low as HIBOR plus 1.23% and a maximum loan of 2.1% cash rebate. The capping interest rate guarantee is as low as 2.375%. Buyers can also choose up to 70% of the mortgage, the full-term interest rate is as low as P, and the mortgage period is up to 25 years.

More than 100 groups of large-scale customers in the venue

Chen Huici, Assistant General Manager of the City of Wheeler Real Estate, said that many of the GRAND MONTARA ticket holders are big-handed, and more than 100 groups are interested in buying 2 or more people, and there are also many investors and family guests. According to market sources, as of 8 o’clock last night, more than 6,500 cumulative receipts were temporarily recorded on the plate. The total number of 504 buddies sold on Saturday’s “sun-cooling" was over 11.9 times. GRAND MONTARA offers 504 units with a usable area of ​​346 to 789 square meters and is expected to enter the middle of December 2021.