Nine stores next week expected to spin off the fastest nine Christmas market

Wharf (00004) If no accident will be next week on the spin-off Wharf Property Distributive for physical, HSI said that as the spin-off of the nine companies placed in a substantial proportion of the original company, so nine After the listing of nine warehouse will not be removed from the Hang Seng Index.

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HSI also said that by then nine will be side by side with the Wharf in the HSI until February next year the HSI regular review so far.

Nomura Hong Kong real estate research director Guo Meishan that in accordance with the past a lot of real estate with the industry spin-off business example, after the spin-off will not have a substantial increase in the level of shareholder feedback is expected after the spin-off, Wharf stock price will drop next Thursday To 23.4 yuan, nine sets of shares there are 56.8 yuan.

Earlier in the day, Wharf announced that it will submit its resolution to the board of directors by way of physical distribution and the proposal of splitting nine homes through in-kind distribution. If passed smoothly, Wharf will be traded ex-dividend next Thursday. Kwok Mei-shan said that with reference to Swire A (00019) spin-off experience, the distribution to the Pacific market about a month before the listing, during which too will be dark-plate approach to trading, it is estimated nine sets will be listed before Christmas.