Tsuen Wan Center tart subscribers re-earn 130,000

Penny strong demand for second-hand units, Tsuen King Circuit Tsuen Wan Center two rescission resale unit in a short time, one of the unit owners earn between 1 January 130,000.

Small units supply tart subscribers speed sell

Market sources, the chief executive last month after read the policy address, many buyers worried about Penny House market pressure, Tsuen Wan center that is recorded in two rescission cases. However, two owners re-released the plate less than half a month they will be re-sold at an expeditious speed.

Four of them were high-rise, with a salable area of ​​324 square feet. It was changed from 4.12 million yuan at the end of September. However, after the announcement of the policy address, the buyer gave up the deposit of 100,000 yuan and the unit re-sold for a further 4.51 million yuan. Expensive 30,000 yuan, if together with the forfeiture of the former buyer 100,000 yuan deposit, the original owner disguised earn 130,000 yuan to leave.

Zhong Jiahao, Midland Realty’s senior sales manager, pointed out that the Tsuen Wan Center recorded a total of 4 transactions this month, two of which were for redemption and the other three were low-rise H, with a usable floor area of ​​324 square feet. In early October, 400 ten thousand yuan changed hands, but the buyer is not scheduled to sign the formal agreement, the owners yesterday just $ 4 million units sold again. The Purchaser is a passenger on the train, because the district $ 4 million units supply much, so a few hours to visit the unit will implement the purchase of units.

Tin Fu Court stop buying and selling buyers lose 500,000

On the other hand, information from the Land Registry shows that the top floor of Block C, Tin Fu Estate, Tin Shui Wai, has a usable area of ​​650 square feet and was earlier converted to a green list price of $ 4.46 million (not premium for land) in July this year. Housing second highest record.

However, after signing the formal sale and purchase agreement, the buyer still decided to abandon property prices by 10%. If the commissions such as commission and other miscellaneous expenses are calculated, it is estimated that the buyer has lost over $ 500,000. The owner recently re-sell units to 4460000 yuan.