Pre-sale of uncompleted flats last month “zero" new application for the first time in the first half

As the property market turns quiet, developers are also slowing down the pace of future pushes. The Lands Department announced the information on the pre-sale consents for the sale of flats in October. It has not received any new applications for sale of flats. It was the first “zero" application in the past 17 months after May last year. However, four batches were approved in October. The sale of the building involves 1481 francs. The largest one of the Yuen Long Estates, which was developed by the Chinatown, has been in the first round of sales. The development of Ma On Shan, also developed by Country Garden (02007), will also be deployed shortly.

Zhang Yulei, senior manager of the Midland Real Estate Data and Research Centre, said that there was no new application for pre-sale consent in the last month. For the first time in May 2017, a new application for “zero" was recorded. Paper, but not yet on sale, involves more than 3,000 people and is expected to have little impact on residential supply.

The four projects approved for pre-sale last month include Langchenghui (720 gang), Qibi (547 gang), and the development of China Metallurgical Real Estate. Longwan (198 gangs) and Henderson Land (00012) Yuen Long Ping Jianli No. 8 project (16 gangs), 4 discs involving 1481 gangs. As there were no new applications, the number of units to be approved for sale also fell from 15,341 in September to 13,860 in October, falling for two consecutive months. Zhou Junhao, Marketing Director of Country Garden Hong Kong’s Marketing Management Department, said that the company’s book and sales are in full swing, and there will be a new round of sales deployment.