Private building September 1095 is completed, reduced by 55% per month

In September, the number of private buildings completed was 1,095. Although it fell 55% month-on-month, it was maintained at a level of more than one thousand for six consecutive months, and the cumulative completion amount reached 12.7 million, which is similar to the same period of last year, equivalent to the full-year forecast. 70%, expected to meet the standard.

12,661 households completed this year, the annual target of 70%

According to the Rating and Valuation Department, a total of 1,095 private housing blocks were obtained in September, a decrease of 55% from 2,414 in August, which was the lowest in the past three months, but it has remained stable for more than a thousand for six consecutive months. The level reflects that the supply of the new building has remained generally stable.

If the cumulative completion amount is calculated, 12,661 people will be recorded in the first nine months of this year, a slight decrease of 2% compared with 12,917 people in the same period of last year. The situation is roughly the same. Compared with the forecast of 18,130 people completed this year, the target is 70. %, roughly in line with the progress. According to the current pace of growth, the annual completion volume has the opportunity to meet the target.

430 internal unit

For each type of unit divided by different areas, the progress of completion is relatively average, generally reaching a projected completion amount of about 71% to 75%. Among them, only Class A fine units with a usable area of ​​less than 430 square feet are lagging behind. Up to now, 4,222 people have been completed, which is quite predictive of 62% of the 6,852.

Although the sales of fine units have been satisfactory in the past few years, in the recent interest rate hikes and Sino-US trade wars to combat investment sentiment, the speed of new flats based on small units has slowed down, or the developers have been built to build such units. schedule.

For Class B units with a saleable area of ​​431 to 753 square feet, 4,374 were also completed in the first nine months of this year, accounting for 35% of the total completed during the period. The proportion is the highest among all types of units. Based on the forecast of 5,811 people completed in the whole year, it is also up to 75%, which is the largest unit of supply.

In terms of large units, the super-luxury mansion with an area of ​​more than 1,722 square feet recorded the completion of 521 in the first nine months, accounting for 71% of the projected completion.

New Territories New Building involves 7640 people, accounting for 60% of the total

In addition, based on regional distribution, the new buildings in the first nine months of this year were from the New Territories, involving a total of 7,640 people, accounting for 60% of the total.