Far exhibition research and reconstruction of the hotel, only worry about the recovery

Far exhibition research and reconstruction of the hotel, only worry about the recovery

The demand for land for housing construction in Hong Kong is large, and the purchase of commercial land is rare. The demolition and redevelopment of the hotel has become an expedient for the value-added of commercial buildings. Far East Development (00035) has nine hotels in Hong Kong, but has not proposed a redevelopment plan.

Kong Xiangda, Managing Director of Yuanzhan, said that the company is still studying whether it is worth rebuilding the hotel at this stage. It has not confirmed the case. Considering that it will bring more benefits in the long run after reconstruction, it may miss a new wave of the recovery of the hotel industry. Rising waves. However, the company will continue to study how to reflect the value of assets.

Or development near the West Kowloon Station

Visitors to Hong Kong increased by 11.5% year-on-year in October. Among them, mainland visitors increased by 15%, with 4.654 million entry points and 37.3% overnight overnight visitors, an increase of 2.5%.

Kong Xiangda believes that the hotel supply in Hong Kong is tense. Thanks to the opening of the Hong Kong section of the High Speed ​​Rail and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The number of visitors to Hong Kong has increased. The occupancy rate and rent of the hotels have increased. If the market is closed at this stage, the market may be missed. Rising waves. The hotels in Tsuen Wan and the Olympic Station are convenient to accommodate high-speed rail passengers. In the future, depending on the opportunity, they will develop the hotel site around the West Kowloon Station.

However, he threatened that Hong Kong has not yet had a chance to make substantial adjustments in terms of land purchase. However, there is more room for adjustment in the mainland market. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to capture potential investment before the policy is relaxed.

Talking about the company’s cable broadband (01097) headed by Chairman of the Board of Directors Qiu Dachang and Zhou Dafu (01929) Zheng Jiachun, Kong Xiangda, a cable non-executive director and director of Yongsheng, is reluctant to issue cable rights and layoffs. Talk, it is said that Yuanzhan and Chow Tai Fook have always cooperated. Based on the relationship between the two families, the private level will invest in cable. In the future, they will continue to seek cooperation. Since the two sides have the same concept, the service will be much smoother.

Real estate and broadband have synergy

Kong Xiangda pointed out that the largest asset of cable is the underground broadband network. The amount of investment was huge. After entering the company, it will cooperate with China Mobile (00941) to allow cable TV programs to be broadcast on mobile phones in the Mainland. It is believed that the real estate industry and the broadband industry can also have synergistic effects, such as potential cooperation in smart homes and Internet of Things, but the current level of technology application has not yet reached this stage.