Longmenju 3 bedroom green table heavy “four balls" New homes return to hackers

Longmenju 3 bedroom green table heavy “four balls" New homes return to hackers

The results of the new homes have been settled, and some applicants who have missed the signing have successively returned to the second-hand market, stimulating the rebound of property prices in individual housing estates. Tuen Mun Home Ownership Longmen House is a three-bedroom unit. The new home ownership has been reimbursed to the customers for 4.16 million yuan. It is about 8.1% higher than the similar unit in October. It is the “four goals". The average number of daily enquiries from the second-hand market in the second-hand market in Tuen Mun has increased to five or six, which is only one or two cases from the new HOS flats. Looking back, I believe that the next month will be the outbreak of new HOS flats to hackers, and full-month trading is expected to double by month. Tin Shui Wai Home Ownership Tin Fu Court in the past Sunday (December 2) was even more smashed by the new HOS flats to the hackers.

The winning sign is hopelessly added to the market.

Huang Qingde, Senior Regional Manager of Xiangyi Real Estate, said that Tuen Mun District has successively recorded cases of new HOS flats entering the market. Among them, Longmenju has two middle-floor A rooms, with a usable area of ​​592 square feet and three rooms separated. Yesterday, the new homes were given 4.16 million to the customers. Yuan did not pay the land price to undertake, the price of 7027 yuan, the property price relative to the upper floor of the high-rise room in the same room in October this year, the low of 3.85 million yuan, slightly rebounded 310,000 yuan (about 8.1%). The original owner purchased the unpaid land price of RMB 920,000 in 2010, and the book value rose by 3.24 million yuan (about 3.5 times).

Huang Qingde pointed out that the buyer of the market has already arrived at the flat in the unit as early as last week. “At that time, I always wanted to wait for the new homes to be drawn. So I once paid a price of 4 million yuan, but the result was that I knew I had a chance." Do not hesitate to increase the price to 4.16 million yuan. Along with the case, since the new homes announced the results of the draw on November 29, there have been at least 6 new HOS flats in the same district to enter the market. However, the current Longmen residence has only about 20, compared to August and September. 30 significant reductions are expected. With the release of the purchasing power of new HOS flats, the housing estate price will have a chance to surge.

Tianfu Court did not pay the price of 4.85 million double broken top

Home ownership in the same district has also been quickly absorbed by new homes. Lin Yingjie, manager of Xiangyi Real Estate Branch, said that there is a low-rise 5th floor of Xinxiange, Block A, Xinweiyuan, with a saleable area of ​​401 square meters. The two-bedroom households will be given a new home ownership of 220,000 yuan (about 5.6%) to the customer on the 3rd. 3.68 million yuan has been replenished for land price, the price is 9177 yuan, and the property price is 9.2 million yuan (20%) compared with the floor area of ​​the lower floor of the E-seat, which has been replenished by the land price of 4.6 million yuan in August. The original owner did not make up the land price of 225,700 yuan in 1989, and the unpaid land price book earned 3,539,300 yuan (15.7 times).

Mr Lam said that since the dust settled in the new homes, the number of new homes in the second-hand market in the district has soared. The average daily enquiry of the bank in the past two to three days is about 5 to 6 cases. The average daily average was only 1 to 2, which was mostly concentrated in the market with a price of 4 million to 5 million yuan. Among them, private buildings and subsidized houses accounted for half of each. It is estimated that with the continuous purchasing power of the batch, plus Sino-US The news of the easing of trade wars will stimulate the outbreak of new homes to the hacker building in the next month. The volume of the whole district is expected to be twice that of the November bomb.

After the announcement of the new homes, the number of new HOS flats in Tin Shui Wai was reported to have been rushed to the top. Huang Yiwen, senior regional manager of Xiangyi Real Estate, said that there is a high-rise 5th floor of Yifuge, Block P, Tianfuyuan. The utility area is 650 square meters. The new homes have been reimbursed by the residents for 4.85 million yuan, and the price is 7462 yuan. The price has created a new high for the housing estate. In 2001, the original owner entered the market with an unpaid land price of 993,300 yuan, earning a profit of 3.856 million yuan (about 3.9 times).