Blue sea, blue sky, three rooms, 8.8 million, four small dragons

Blue sea, blue sky, three rooms, 8.8 million, four small dragons

The market has different views on the prospects of the property market, and some bleak owners are willing to pay to leave the market. The owner of a three-bedroom flat in the blue sea and blue sky of Cheung Sha Wan, the latest 2.7 million yuan, was sold out at $8.8 million. The price of the building was “West Kowloon Four Small Dragon Estate" (ie Lai King Terrace, Blue Sea and Blue Sky, Lai Yue Court and Yu Qingxuan) This year’s 3 room new low.

Following the closing of a property price of only $7.2 million at Cheung Sha Wan, Cheung Sha Wan, at the end of last month, the “West Wing Four Small Dragon Estate" has achieved a new low in the past year.呎, 3 room interval, market news said that the unit opened in September 11.5 million yuan, the past Saturday (1st) serial price to only 8.8 million yuan, the price of 15,251 yuan, excluding internal transfer, property prices The “four small dragon estate" three-bedroom unit has a new low price this year.

Jiahu 3 rooms 4.468 million low this year

Room F, Middle Floor, Block 5, with a saleable area of ​​496 square meters, two-bedroom households, which was sold out in June this year for 8.88 million yuan, separated by about half a year, and the three-bedroom unit price was sold back to flat two houses of 80,000 yuan (about 0.9%). ). The original owner entered the market with 3.661 million yuan in 2004, and the book value increased by 5.139 million yuan (about 1.4 times).

The Jiahu Mountain Villa in Tin Shui Wai was in a heavy bullet and was unable to pull down the property price. Zhongyuan Real Estate Deputy Regional Sales Manager Wen Jiahui said that Jinghuju has 6 very low-rise G rooms, with a practical area of ​​547 square meters, 3 rooms separated, and sold for 5.2 million yuan on November 28, with a short five days of 512,000. Yuan (about 9.8%), to 4.788 million yuan, the price of 8570 yuan, the property price of this housing estate this year, 3 rooms new low, close to the lake, 6 low-rise E room, the practical area of ​​448 square two-bedroom households in October With a price of 4.623 million yuan changed hands. The original owner invested 1.1 million yuan in the market in 2009, earning 3.588 million yuan (about 3.3 times).

The price of Taikoo Castle in Quarry Bay is also the bottom. Zhao Hongyun, senior senior regional sales manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the top of the Tang Palace has even the top tenants, the practical area is 583 square meters, the two rooms are separated, and the 500 square roof is attached, which is tired by 14.5 million yuan. Less than 2 million (about 13.8%), with a change of 12.5 million yuan, the price of 21,441 yuan, compared with the low-rise stratified unit in the lower floor in June, the price of 22086 yuan, still flat 2.9%. The original owner purchased it for 7.46 million yuan in 2012, earning 5.04 million yuan (about 67.6%).