The market has a positive result, which has helped to alleviate the tensions in the trade war

The market has a positive result, which has helped to alleviate the tensions in the trade war. In the past weekend holidays, the activity of second-hand buildings has increased significantly. In the 10 major housing estates, more than 11 transactions were recorded in two days. Among them, the Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei accounted for 7 cases, which was the most prosperous weekend in the past six months.

The industry pointed out that the second-hand property market has not been able to reverse the decline for the time being. I believe that the overall second-hand price in the short term will continue to bottom out. It is expected that the pattern will be changed after the Lunar New Year.

Frontline real estate agents pointed out that after the price of many housing estates fell back to the target price in recent days, the market demand and the activity of the towers increased. Together with the easing trend of the Sino-US trade war, the atmosphere of the second-hand weekend in the past two days was immediately Warm up. Li Yuxiang, senior regional business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, pointed out that when the property market was in Vaughan, there were about 300 sets of flats on Saturday and Sunday in the Tseung Kwan O District, but it fell to only 50 to 60 in the down market last month, and after the “Study Conference" The number of buildings has risen to over 100 groups, an increase of more than 30%. Among them, there are many investors who are expecting the property prices to fall back to the market.

He pointed out that the Sino-US trade war peace talks still have a 90-day deadline. The market will still wait and see the stock market trend and the developer’s push deployment. I believe that second-hand trading is unlikely to rise sharply in the short term.

In fact, according to the statistics of the four major real estate agents in the Central Plains, the United States, the Li Kwai Court and the Hong Kong and Hong Kong, the number of transactions in the 10 major housing estates in the past weekends was 5 to 11 (the four major agents selected a slightly different housing estates). It is considered to be the most popular weekend holiday in half a year.

Jiahu 沽 7 gang 5 million within the fine family

Second-hand trading has changed. In addition to benefiting from the Sino-US trade war mitigation factor, it is generally believed that after the new homes announced the results of the beading last week, the passengers re-entered the market and took the second-hand trading because of past Saturday and Sunday performance. The most prosperous are the two boarding estates of Kingswood Villas and Sha Tin City.

Among them, Jiahu Villa has recorded a total of 7 transactions in the past two days, and it is still popular among the units below 5 million yuan. Xiangyi Real Estate Branch Manager Lin Jialun pointed out that Jiahu Mountain Villa Lihuju 8 middle-floor F room, with a practical area of ​​442 square feet, belongs to the two-room interval. The owner started to release the market in mid-August. At that time, the peak price of the property market was 5.7 million. After losing 4 yuan, the unit was sold for 4.5 million yuan. The three-year book held a profit of about 700,000 yuan to leave the market.

One city and two rooms, two consecutive records fell below 4.6 million

Secondly, the first city in Sha Tin recorded two cases of two-bedroom transactions that fell below 4.6 million yuan, such as the lower floor D of Block 49 in the first city of Sha Tin. The saleable area was 304 square feet. After the bargaining, it was changed to 4.53 million and the price was 14,901 yuan.

In addition, the news pointed out that the Quarry Bay Taikoo City recorded two consecutive transactions yesterday, Tang Palace Court high-rise room B, the practical area of ​​583 square feet, even the roof to change 12.5 million, the price of 21441 yuan, compared with similar units in April this year made 1,390 Ten thousand yuan is about 10%, reflecting the continued decline in the price of the big housing estate.