Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Building 300 Million Change in Whole Building

The entire commercial building at Fili Building in Tsim Sha Tsui changed hands for about $300 million.

According to the news, the entire building of Felicity Building, 5, King’s Beverly Street changed hands and the property was 19-storey. The site area of the project was approximately 1,335 square feet, with a total gross floor area of approximately 18,200 square feet, and approximately 635 square feet of platform. 622 square feet of rooftops, it is reported that the project was sold for about 300 million yuan, the price of about 16,500 yuan. The original owner was Minghua Electronics, which was purchased for 98 million yuan in 2010. It held its stock for 8 years, and its profit was more than 200 million yuan.