The Institute of Building Inspections, Jan Jinan: The Best New Disk of Royal Bay last year

In recent years, buyers have greatly improved the quality of their buildings. The chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Building Inspection, known as “Zhan SIR," and senior engineering supervisor Zhan Jinan, announced the “Checklist for Building Inspections" last year. He said that in the past year, about 40 new discs were tested in Hong Kong, the common problem was glass collapse, which was 1 times more than in the past. However, he also claimed that many new discs in recent years have glass curtain walls and the numbers are still acceptable. In addition, the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Inspectors established by him announced that last year the best quality housing estate was No. (0083) Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O; other award-winning housing estates include Henderson (0012) Sai Wan Ho Parkway, Nine Construction (0034) Aberdeen, Tianwan, Dengfeng, Nan’an, New World (0017), Sai Yingpan, Xindi (0016), Yuen Long, Kam Tin, Junction 1, and Ying Yu.

Last year’s surprise inspection of the “Little People’s Room"

Zhan Jinan recalled that in the year of 2017, he had heard about seven buildings. It was most memorable for him to huddle in the “little country room”, which was a storage room under the stairs and equipped with air-conditioners. He added that the storage room area is less than 20 square feet, and the above-mentioned units are located in one of the new plates in the New Territories; other building inspections include “flooding windows", “closed patio doors" and “chad The “bathtub" and “a certain washbasin for flooding."