MALIBU sells 500 partners in the first round on Saturday and collects up to 6,400 votes in 12 months

Described by this year as the newest ticket-collecting Kingdee (0020), Tseung Kwan O, Lohas Loyore MALIBU, newly promoted 180 partnerships with a discount of RMB 14,800, together with the first price list announced last week, a total of 500 The first round of sales on Saturday was in August last year. After the city opened its first round of selling 521 gangs, the city opened a new set of the most units on the first day in 7 months. The market estimates that as of last night, MALIBU had accumulated approximately 6,400 votes in excess of 12 times in the past 5 days, and used tens of thousands of yuan in frozen notes of 640 million yuan each. Ming Pao reporter Lin Shangmin

According to Wong Kwan Yew (Circular), a managing director of Wheelock Land, the latest addition to MALIBU’s price list involves 180 partners. On the basis of pricing, the average price is 18,935 yuan, after discounting the maximum of 21.5%, the discounted average is reduced.呎 14,864 yuan, slightly higher than about 4% of the first price list of 14,347 yuan. The explanation of the developer is mainly that the newly-introduced units are sitting and the landscape factors are different, but the basic prices are added.

In this price list, the lowest selling price is 367 square meters, with a discount of 5.542 million yuan for the 1 bedroom household on the 15th floor of Room E, Fangyi, and the actual price is 15,100 yuan. The cheapest unit is the 752 square meter usable area. Block 3A, Block A, Room 3, separated by a discounted price of RMB 992 million and actual amount of RMB 13,193. Wheelock also uploads sales arrangements. The two price lists total 500 units, which will be closed on Fridays and sold on Saturdays. If it is based on pricing, the market value of the whole batch of units is 5.143 billion yuan.

Increased the average price of 180 with the first batch of 4%

Huang Guangyao said that MALIBU was the first time that the Group had sold the most units on the first day in recent years. After looking up the data, the market sold the most new units to the market on the first day of the last sale. It was the citywide foreign exchange that was opened in August last year. At that time, 521 gangs were launched on a single day, and all were cleared. According to market news, as of last night, MALIBU has received about 6,400 votes, an excess of 12 times.

As with most real estate developments, Wheelock has this time set up a time for picking up buildings for group A. Buyers must purchase 2 to 4 groups, including a minimum of 2 room and a half or 3 room units and a maximum of 1 room. There are up to 200 units in Group A available for purchase, and there are about 150 tickets for Group A buyers for the time being; in addition, Group B buyers can buy up to two groups.

The new land is 90% of the substandard units

In addition, the new land (0016) Jingxiu Li project in Tuen Mun, Phase 1 was named the Mid-Levels Mountain, divided into 1A, 1B, providing 522 groups. Zhang Zhuoli, general manager of the agent office of Xindi Land, said that Yufushan is the mainstay of the 2 bedroom unit, and the 2 or less units account for about 90% of the entire market, and it also sets up special households. It is now awaiting approval for pre-sale and will be sold in March at the earliest. There is a pair of model units. As regards Phase 2 of the project involving more than 400 people, a total of about 1,000 people were provided in two phases.

63 Pokfulam sold 16 gang banged at 33,000

Jiujian (0034) 63 Pokfulam in the West District had earlier discounted sales promotion. The sales volume has been significantly accelerated in recent days. After two days, two groups of major players were recorded. After buying 15 groups at a total price of more than RMB 155 million, 16 teams of practical 209 were sold yesterday. As for the 494-square-foot unit, it had cashed in at RMB 135 million in a single day, which amounted to RMB 24,900 to RMB 32,900. This caused the sale of the project to increase to nearly 70 in July last year. According to Yang Congyong, general manager of the Jiujian City Marketing and Sales Department, the group plans to launch a new 600-unit Lei Yue Mun project in the third quarter, with open-to-two-bedroom units and short-term pre-sales applications.