Kangshan sells 17,600 Hong Kong homeowners

Private property prices have continued to rise, and some buyers have switched to the HOS free market. The Hong Kong Garden in Quarry Bay, which has always been known as the “homeowner’s house king," has recently recorded a group of middle-level units. It has changed hands to more than $17,600,000. Another three-bedroom household in Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei was sold for RMB 6.4 million.

Yang Wenjie, chief division manager of Central Plains, stated that in the above-mentioned A-room of 7 Kangshan Garden, the area of ​​431 square feet of 2 residential households, even the interior of the Taiyuan City Theatre, was changed to 7.6 million yuan (filled land price), and the actual amount was 17,633 yuan. The price of new housing estates and the prices of HOS flats in the free market in Hong Kong have reached a record high. It is reported that the highest transaction record for similar units was 7.46 million yuan, and the actual transaction price was 17300 yuan, which means that the transaction price was further increased by 140,000 yuan or 1.9%; the original owner purchased the unit with 296,200 yuan in one hand in 1986. After deducting the premium, it still earns a lot of profit.

Over 30 years purchase price of industry hosting goods nearly 300,000

However, at the same time, Kangshan Garden also recorded a low-priced transaction. It was a 2-room, 431-square-foot, E-room, 2 low-lying house with an area of ​​6.85 million yuan (filled land price). The actual amount was 15,893 yuan, which is a similar unit. At the low level of the year, it was reported that the main cause was the low-rise and old-fashioned interior decoration of the cage; the original owner purchased it in 2005 for 2.05 million yuan (has paid land premium) and the account earned 4.8 million yuan or 2.3 times.

Jiahu 3 Rooms: 6.4 million standard households

In the previous month, with an average of RMB 10,000 for the first visit, Kingswood Villa in Tianshuiwei and Xie Liguan, manager of Xiangyi Property Branch, said that the 7 high-rise A-rooms in the Meihu Residential Area are 629 square-foot-three households with a usable area, and recently changed hands by 640 million yuan. The actual price was RMB 10,175. The transaction price was RMB 110,000 or 1.7% higher than that of the previous record. It was a record high for the standard households of the housing estates. The original owner bought the unit for RMB 1.9 million in 2008 and earned RMB 4.5 million or 2.4 times the book value.

Yuen Long Grand YOHO recorded the first second-hand deal. According to the Land Registry’s data, the 10th high-rise Building B room has 780 square meters of 3 bedrooms with a saleable price of 13.3 million yuan, and the actual amount is 17,051 yuan; the original owner bought about 12.53 million yuan in October 2016, holding goods approximately. For one and a half years, it is necessary to pay 10% extra SSD (about 1.33 million yuan), together with a tax bill of 560,000 yuan or 4.5%.

Boning Chen family released Arc de Triomphe

According to Luo Meilan, executive director of the investment and advisory services department at DTZ, the three levels of the three floors of the Arc de Triomphe skyscraper are sold by tender, involving a saleable area of ​​4,566 sq.ft., and the owners’ intention price is 480 million yuan. May 25 Day closing. If the price is based on the price of interest, approximately RMB 105,100 will be implemented, which will challenge the new high price of luxury residential strata in Kowloon. It is reported that the owner is the Chen Family of Park Lane Hotel, which was purchased in 2007 for approximately RMB 114.5 million.