Causeway Bay complex rent 1.1 million or 50%

The adjustment of the rent in the core area still occurred. According to the news, after the Broadway appliance moved out of the market for a period of time, Broadway Electric was recently rented by the fashion brand TWIST for 1.1 million yuan per month, which was nearly 50% lower than the previous rent.

According to market sources, Shops 13-16, G/F, Yee Tung Shopping Centre, 26 East Point Road, Causeway Bay, have a total area of ​​approximately 6,223 square feet and are leased out at a monthly rate of approximately $1.1 million. The lease is approximately $177. The shop is located on East Point Road, which connects the World Trade Centre and SOGO Road. It is a popular shop and it is also a rare multi-storey building bunk in the area.

Area 6223 旧 See old rent 2.2 million

The property was held by the gambling king Sitai Liang Anqi. At the peak of retail sales in the early years, it was leased by Broadway Electric at a monthly rent of 2.2 million yuan until the end of the last year’s middle lease period. The shop had settled for a few months. At the end of last year, bauhaus BAZAAR was established at the opening price of 400,000 yuan per month by the fashion house bauhaus. At the same time, the owner also recruited long tenants and was finally rented by TWIST. The rent also fell by nearly 50%. . TWIST sells different brand-name fashions and handbags. There are many branches in Hong Kong, including the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay, which is estimated to be the sub-district of the same area.

South Korean brand core area is actively expanding

In the recent rental market, there are more active fashion stores, such as Shop No. 1 and the penthouse of H Queen’s, newly built Commercial Building No. 80, Queen’s Road Central, Central, with an area of ​​more than 3,000 square feet and being leased out at a monthly rate of about RMB 1 million. The customer is the Korean clothing brand group MLB, which mainly sells the United States Major League Baseball costumes.

The brand has been actively expanded in recent months, including the use of the ground floor shop on Sai Yeung Choi Street South in Mong Kok as the first branch store. It opened in December last year and has recently been expanded in Central and Causeway Bay.