The property price of the boarding house rebounded at a low level

The property price of the boarding house rebounded at a low level. The first city rose 5.8%. The new capital returned to the “six goals".

The Sino-US wrestling eased, and the property market immediately rebounded. The property price of the boarding house was first stabilized. A two-bedroom silver main plate in Sha Tin City, Sha Tin District, was more than 4.71 million yuan, which was more than half of the lowest price of the same two-room non-silver master two months ago. Tseung Kwan O’s new capital city also has a two-bedroom unit costing a “six-ball" pass, up about 7.1% from the low post. The industry believes that as the cheaper goods on the boarding houses have been digested one after another, the remaining disk source price reduction space is limited, and it is difficult to reproduce the ultra-low-price transaction cases that have appeared in the past few months in the short term.

The property prices of the boarding houses have recently rebounded from the low level. This month, 8 first-time transactions in Sha Tin City were recorded. The rebound strength is quite obvious. Take the middle floor of Room 40 of the 40th floor of the estate as an example. The practical area is 304 square meters and the two rooms are separated. According to Huang Jinxi, the assistant director of Midland Real Estate, the site was sold at 5 million yuan yesterday and the price was 16447 yuan. The original owner purchased it for 1.82 million yuan in 2010, and the book profit was 3.18 million yuan (about 1.7 times).

The flat disk gradually digested, the bargaining space narrowed

According to the information, during the fall of the market in 2018, the lowest cost of the two-bedroom unit in Shatian First City was 4.5 million yuan, including 52 low-rise G-room two-bedroom units that changed hands in December 2018, meaning that the price of similar units had been The low level rose by 500,000 yuan (about 11.1%).

With the rebound in property prices, the main house of the same housing estate was also robbed of 4.71 million yuan, higher than the two former non-banking mains. It is reported that the 50-story middle-floor B room with a practical area of ​​284 square meters, separated by two rooms, is a silver main plate, and is sold by DBS Bank. It was sold out at 4.71 million yuan yesterday, with a price of 16,585 yuan. According to DBS Bank’s online valuation of the site is 4.7 million yuan, and the final transaction price is not only high valuation of 10,000 yuan, compared with the lowest unit of similar units in November last year, 4.45 million yuan, also rebounded 260,000 yuan (about 5.8%).

The original owner of the site claimed a purchase of 3.15 million yuan in 2013, and became the silver master in June 2018. Although the asking price in November of the same year fell to 4.18 million yuan, the asking price also increased sharply to 4.75 million yuan as the property market rebounded. In the end, only a price reduction of 40,000 yuan changed hands.

Huang Jinyan said frankly that the more urgent owners of the first city of Sha Tin had already sold out their units in the past few months. The flat cargo sources were gradually digested, and the market sentiment improved. The remaining bargaining space was provided by the most tragic time two or three months ago. 4%, significantly narrowed to only 2%. He pointed out that at present, only about 4 of the first price of Sha Tin was released within 5 million bids, which was significantly lower than about 12 cases two or three months ago. Therefore, it is estimated that housing prices will not reappear in the short term in the past few months. The ultra-low-priced transaction, “(two rooms) prices should be 490 (ten) to 500 (10,000) heads up and down."

In another car housing estate, Tianhuwei Jiahu Villa, Wu Yaozu, the sub-regional sales manager of Tianyuanwei of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the property price of this month rebounded significantly from last month, mainly because the low-priced listing has been cleared, taking 65 units in two-bedroom units as an example. The units with the intention of priced below 10,000 yuan have disappeared. “There are seven or eight in the worst months of the first few months."

Jiahu will be released after every 10,000 yuan

In fact, property prices have rebounded in other housing estates. The price of the new flats in the Metropolis has also returned to the “six-ball" mark. Lin Zhijian, the manager of Midland Realty, said that there is a high-rise room B in Phase 2, with a practical area of ​​363 square meters. The latest price is 6 million yuan, and the price is 16529 yuan. It is 5.6 million yuan lower than the similar unit in November last year, rebounding 400,000 yuan. (about 7.1%). The original owner purchased it for 3.35 million yuan in 2012, earning 2.65 million yuan (about 79.1%).

In addition, the price of HOS flats has also rebounded. Luo Shuxin, manager of the Beijing Property Branch, said that the B-room of the middle floor of Block 3, Kangshan Garden, Quarry Bay, has a usable area of ​​592 square feet. It was accepted by the outside area for 6.93 million yuan without replenishing the land price. 11706 yuan. In 2010, the original owner entered the market with an unpaid land price of 2.68 million yuan, earning 4.262 million yuan (about 1.6 times). According to the Housing Authority, the same area of ​​the previous unpaid land price was recorded at $6.55 million in October, which means that the property price has risen by $380,000 (about 5.8%).