The property price of the boarding house rebounded at a low level

Renting a rented king price 12% 74,800,000 Huijing

“Receiving the King" Yonglun Group has successively cut prices and sold the holding units that have been held for many years. After a sharp price cut of 1.85 million yuan in November 2018 and a price of 9.35 million yuan in the Ligang City unit in Kwun Tong, the market said that The middle floor, Room D, Block 4, Lantian Huijing Garden, held by the family or related parties, has a usable area of 537 square meters. The two rooms are separated by a price of 8.5 million yuan from August 2018. The total reduction is 1.02 million yuan (12%). The price of 7.48 million yuan was smashed out, and the price was 13929 yuan, which was 8.3 million yuan in November 2018 compared with 7 units of the lower floor D room. The price was 820,000 yuan (about 9.9%). The Yonglun Group or related parties entered the market as early as 1990, with a net profit of 6,835,300 yuan (about 5.8 times).