Anderson 7 built public housing estates involved 6710

Anderson 7 built public housing estates involved 6710

The Government allocated nine private housing sites for public housing purposes last year, including six sites for the former Anderson Stone Mine in Kwun Tong, together with a subsidised housing site in the district, providing a total of 6,710 battales. The Housing Authority is responsible for development and is expected to join the company in 2024.

Development of the Housing Authority Housing Committee

The seven sites are located above the Anderson Road Quarry. The Housing Society is responsible for three of the sites, involving 2,780 people, accounting for 40% of the total supply. The Housing Authority is responsible for four additional sites, involving 3,930 people. The supply is 60%.

Among the three sites acquired by the HS, the northwest of the quarry, adjacent to Huaying, has invested in private residential land ranging from 65,000 to 188,000 square feet. It will develop at a lower density and build 13 buildings. From the floor to the 28-storey building, a total of 2,780 people were provided.

As for the Housing Authority, it has obtained four sites in the southwest of the quarry, covering an area of ​​65,000 to 182,000 square feet. The development density is slightly higher. 9 20- to 33-storey residential buildings will be built, providing a total of 3,930 mate. Close to the site of the quarry ridge, only a single building will be built, providing about 420 people.

The information shows that the seven sites will be used for subsidised sale of flats, including HOS flats developed by the HA. As the Anderson Road Quarry site is relatively high, many units can enjoy quality fireworks and sea views.

In 2010, the government rezoned five green spaces into residential developments in Tseung Kwan O, including a site for Zhaoxin Road. The Housing Department recently pointed out that the site will cover an area of ​​about 430,000 square feet. It will build a 40-storey residential building with a plot ratio of 6.5 times. It will provide about 600 people and will have leisure facilities and a children’s playground. It is expected to start in early 2020. Completed in 2024.