nearly ten times faster

nearly ten times faster

The market sentiment in the first-hand market is booming. Henderson Land (00012) has launched a new round of redemption this year. The number of tickets in the past weekend has risen sharply, accumulating more than 1,000 votes, to about 1,200, and the purchase price of the first one is nearly 10 times. The fastest sales today, the first round of sales on weekends or before. The trading volume of other new orders continued Xiaoyangchun. In the past two days (2nd and 3rd), a total of more than 110 transactions were recorded in the new market, which increased by 34% per week and reached a new high of nearly 6 weeks.

Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Agency Business (1), said that the recent sales of fine units have been strong and the results of the inquiries have been achieved. The group actively considers the increase and the price list will be issued as soon as possible. 10% of the total, and there is room for fare increase, also means that the increase can be “light hand", the first round of sales on the fastest weekend or before, is expected to be divided into two groups, the bulk purchase group to buy at least 2 or more.

Lin Damin continued that the proportion of investors who entered the ticket increased, accounting for about 30%. According to the agency’s expectation, the project will be able to rent for 50 to 70 yuan in the future, with a return rate of about 3%. The developer announced that as of 8:00 pm on Sunday (3rd), the cumulative accumulation of the shore received about 1200 votes. Based on this calculation, 800 tickets were collected in the past two days. Located at No. 63 Matouwei Road, the shore provides 551 groups with a usable area of ​​170 to 425 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of March 2021.

Sunrise Kangcheng LP6 sold 24 groups on two days

In the past two days, the developers have sold the cargo tails. The Nanfeng Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng LP6 has a total of 24 groups in two days. The developer described it as a result of the traditional Xiaoyangchun. The property sold as many as 1745 people on Sunday, and the cash is nearly 13 billion yuan. Actively consider adding units. Huayuan’s Yuanlang Longchenghui also sold 12 gangs in the past two days, cashing in 98.461 million yuan. Wu Chongwu, director of sales of Huaying Group, mentioned that the property market has been booming and the transaction has been inexhaustible. The group is actively considering Push the unit.

Xindi (00016) has sold a total of 28 groups in 4 sets, which is the highest among developers. The cash is over 420 million yuan, including the new batch of tendering units in Taibai Baishijiao Yunhui Phase I, and even 21 groups. The project has sold 82 people in the past 4 days and cashed in more than 814 million yuan. The same project of Changsha Bay Nanchang Station on the top of the project was sold on 11th of Sunday, with a total of 5 groups, with a transaction price of 39,429,100 to 51,410,700 yuan; Tuen Mun Pei Yu and The Tsuen Wan shape is divided into 1 group.

First-hand sales surged 34% over the weekend

In the past weekend, a total of 22 new discs sold more than 110 gangs, compared with the last weekend (February 23 and 24), about 82 gangs, a sharp increase of 34%, and a record high of nearly 6 weekends.